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Please "sign up" for tasks by putting your user name in parentheses after tasks you are taking on. Proudly mark tasks DONE when completed.

[x] Membership procedure nailed down July 8 (Jan Steinman)
[x] Seek coop grant money from BC Cooperative Association -- (Jan Steinman)
[x] Children steward named
[x] Transportation steward named (Jan Steinman)
[x] 30A circuit for UPS DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Advisory Council invitation DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Agriculture steward named part of farm steward
[x] Animal steward named part of farm steward
[x] build closet in JSS's room (Jan Steinman)
[x] carpet in JSS's room
[x] chimney brace
[x] closet organizers, 4 ea, small, plus master, acquired, needs to be installed' (Jan Steinman)
[x] clothesline to trees (Jan Steinman)
[x] complete divider in shop (Jan Steinman)
[x] Create a plan for attracting new Members
[x] Create rental agreement for cottage DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] draft coop memorandum and coop rules (Jan Steinman)
[x] Drain and fill pond in front of house in progress (Jan Steinman)
[x] establish Communications steward page DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Jan Steinman)
[x] establish voting rules (Jan Steinman)
[x] establish Ecology steward page DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Shannon Cowan)
[x] establish finance ownership model (Jan Steinman)
[x] estabsish Finance steward page DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Carol Wagner)
[x] establish legal entity (Jan Steinman)
[x] file for incorporation DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Shannon Cowan)
[x] fix dreary lighting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Form guidance documents (vision, values, mission, and purpose statements) --all, ongoing' DONE Minutes:20060401-1
[x] get rid of most dimmers; put in some motion sensors (Jan Steinman)
[x] GFI outlets where required (Jan Steinman)
[x] Home Page Steward (James Cowan)
[x] Logo (Carol Wagner)
[x] Move step stones by big tree to match up with walkway in progress (Jan Steinman)
[x] outside basement step railing
[x] Property "B" offer actually, are we up to Zed yet? offer finally accepted on property) DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] replace rotted baseplate and treat with fungicide, main house (Jan Steinman)
[x] Schedule work parties DONE (James Cowan)
[x] secure downspouts (Carol Wagner)
[x] Set up wiki DONE functional, but needs work (Jan Steinman)
[x] towel bars and toilet paper holders DONE (James Cowan)
[x] vapor barrier, main house (Jan Steinman)

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