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In private correspondence of 16 September 2013, Tony Brogan objected to the following item in the minutes:

  • Tony Brogan has informed EcoReality that he has no intention of becoming a member, nor any intention of investing in EcoReality. He has not reported any labour for EcoReality since 21 May. On 30 July, EcoReality notified him, in writing, that he must vacate the room he's been living in for free since 18 April, within the next 30 days. Jan offered to help him move.

These minutes were reviewed and approved on 19 August 2013 by all three members present as a true and accurate reporting of what happened in the meeting. Tony was not present at either meeting.

At the time of this meeting, Tony had indeed not reported any labour since 21 May. On the day his eviction notice was up (29 August), he belatedly reported labour through 30 July, and left three days after he was supposed to leave, stating that "30 days" really means "the beginning of next month."

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