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Directors Meeting

  • Meeting starts: 19:29
  • Present:
  • Check-in.
    • Michael in love. Group declares he needs their approval.
    • Jan mowed dam, worked on books, sought accountants and funding sources.
    • Cleome soap and peaches and tomatillos.
    • Glyn blackberry hunting.
    • Dennis mentally present, but bumping tedious chores. Has garden pots for us. Wants to increase involvement.
    • Kym well and tired. Picked 100kg of pears. Uncertainty stressful. Just paid for first herbal product sale!
    • Balazs happy to be here. This place was first place contacted on SSI. "It's never enough time to spend with people." Moving deadline mid-September.
    • Eszter very new in Canada — got PR today! Have been involved with Balazz for 14 years, but just got serious a few years ago.
  • Agenda approved without change.
  • Old business
    1. Minutes:20210818 reviewed and approved.
    2. Simms advice regarding Pither/Cowan lawsuit settlement reviewed.
      • Jan: two-pronged approach:
        1. Primary to pursue refinancing, which requires "three years of financial statements prepared by a Certified Public Accountant."
        2. Continue secondary approach of seeking private equity funding.
      • Dennis will continue contacting people. Will continue to be supporting with ideas.
      • Michael will work on finding an accountant. Will re-contact Dakin & Webb, with whom he has a relationship.
      • Eszter knows a CPA, Deborah Jones (250-510-3327) in Maple Bay.
        • Jan will contact Deborah.
      • Balazs knows Lizotte, and will mention us to them.
      • Jan will ask the bank if we can get a smaller extension without going through an adjudicator, but thinks unlikely.
      • Jan looking for grants for the accounting fees.
      • Cleome gave us a health update. Sketched out travel plans for Bellingham.
        • Should have new info next meeting, after phone appointments with surgeon and doctor.
    3. Proposal to put the property on the market TABLED until the next meeting.
  • Administrivia
    • Next meeting, Wednesday, September 1, 19:30
  • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
    • Cleome appreciates everyone's work.
    • Michale thanks Dennis for insight
    • Glyn feels grateful optimism.
    • Denis glad to be a part of this.
    • Kym nothing to add.
    • Balaz thankful for letting them sit in.
    • Eszter thanks for trust to share with them.
  • Adjourn the Directors Meeting at 20:27
  • Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 23:20, 25 August 2021 (PDT)

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