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Members Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 16:07
  2. Previous meeting minutes (July 16) approved.
  3. Accomplishments
    • Chickens have mites. Put some diatomaceous earth in their dusting baths and nesting boxes. (Lauren) DONE!
    • In addition, cleaned chicken coop. (Lauren) DONE!"
    • Need more salsa verde, selling like crazy. Will hold tomatillos back from market until we have a good supply of salsa. (Cleome) DONE!
  4. Market
    1. Look for the little picture cards we used for starts; need to re-use for describing tomatoes. (Everyone)
    2. This week's market staffing: Kate and Cleome Tuesday, Jan and Cleome Saturday.
    3. Research and procure re-coating market tent. (Jan)
    4. Planning for marketing soap at Tuesday Market, since they won't let us sell it outright. Make a sign. Photos taken and ready. (Jan)
  5. Eggs
    • Mites have declined, but not eliminated. Use some white diatomaceous earth. (Lauren)
    • First batch of new pullets and ducklings will be laying in October. (Cleome)
    • Where to put new chicks? Can soon go in with the older ones, until they go out with mature ones. (Cleome)
  6. Fruit
    1. Headers for irrigation installed. Need to find and install emitters and program the timer. (Jan)
      • Emitters and punch tool are still missing. We've looked everywhere. Jan is almost certain he did not move them, but will look in likely places. (Jan)
      • Fabricate new punch tool. (Jan)
  7. Greenhouse
    1. Need replacement eye bolts installed. Will start out doing as-needed, with a push to replace many or all before winter. (Jan)
    2. Fix North purlin in East room. (Jan)
    3. Patch holes. (Cleome, Jan)
    4. Need second fan installed in west end of greenhouse before powdery mildew season in fall, probably September. (Jan)
    5. Need to gather and infuse horsetail for powdery mildew treatment at or before the second fan goes in. (Jan)
    6. Fabricate side retaining cord clips out of the found wiggle-wire. We need as many as a third replaced (96), due to the stress of using them to support eagle-catchers over the chicken runs. (Jan)
    7. Having some problems with eggplant, curling leaves and blossom drop. Cleome will research (Cleome)
  8. Dairy
    1. Hay grinder recommended by Cleome for mixing winter feed, since the late hay harvest is not going to be nutritious. (Cleome)
      • Continue researching prices. Try to find used one. 3-point would be great, but not if too expensive.
      • Need to have this figured out by November, when feeding season begins.
    2. Running out of cheese storage. Need to clean up and move one from farm store to the sewing room, next to the fridge already there. (Jan, Lauren)
    3. Fix west hedgerow fence — it's not hot. (Cleome, Jan, Lauren)
    4. Check hooves and trim (Jan) ongoing, Whitey trimmed. Commit to one day a week to trim.
    5. Clean goat trailer. (Philipp)
      • Move black trailer over to goat trailer for filling. (Jan)
  9. Infrastructure & Admin
    1. Cleome to take saw in for a tune-up. (Cleome)
    2. Need co-op VISA card that can be used at US Costco. (Jan)
    3. Cleome will provide a written request for draw on her revolving loan for US Costco purchases until then. (Cleome)
    4. Pither suit:
      • requested to go in camera at 16:17
      • completed in camera meeting at 16:28; reviewed progress and agreed to proceed with current efforts.
    5. Put new wheel on NE pasture gate. (Jan)
    6. Get new rubber stamp for product bags and such (Jan)
    7. Catch up on tax filings (Jan): sorting receipts in prep for entry
    8. Get new computer set up as web server (Jan) ongoing
  10. Soap
    • Behind, but catching up. (Cleome)
  11. Value Added
    1. Need an "info sheet" for preserves; large, laminated one and perhaps a hand-out to drop in the bag with every purchase. (Cleome, Jan)
  12. Education
    1. In touch with Bruce and his mother, who will arrive in Seattle on August 23, then touring Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria, before reaching here a few days before Bruce's orientation on September 1.
    2. Still no firm arrival info for Ricardo, but his departure is 26 January 2019, at 14:41. Need to clarify with Chantel if that is flight departure time, and what airport!
    3. Jiho declined staying with us for respite, preferring a host that serves meat.
  13. Cleome's move: will keep on agenda, but deferred until after market season.
    1. Fix VVG (Jan)
      • Remove pump and send it in
  14. Off-Island Shopping:
    1. Need to deliver VVG pump to repair place.
    2. Need paper cups for berries from Warehouse Club.
  15. Comings and Goings
    • Lauren away visiting a friend, Friday, Aug 3-5.
    • Ann-Sophie leaving on Sunday, Aug 5.
    • Kelvin arriving Sunday, Aug 5.
    • Clover, Paisley, and Emery came and left. Fun having you all here!
    • Philipp and Lena arrived — welcome!
    • Leonard left (again!) He'll be back…
    • Gary Schofield will be here Wednesday August 1-5. We've let him know we don't have indoor accommodations then. We will figure out where to put him.
    • Cleome to Moly & Quentin's 70th anniversary party on Friday, Aug 17th, back on Sunday.
  16. Health and Safety Concerns
    1. Check on the motorhome electrical; Leonard got a bad shock at one point. (Jan)
    2. Continued heat predicted. Stay hydrated and be careful in the heat!
  17. New business
    1. Our mortgage has gone up. Request to pay down mortgage by $5k. Can only be done at Aug 1 every year.
      • AGREED: Seems like a no-brainer, but much discussion about where the money will come from. Jan will review finances and arrange a pay-down by up to $5k, using some combination of EcoReality funds and new personal loans. (We would rather pay ourselves the interest than pay the bank.)
    2. AGREED: to extend a formal apprenticeship offer to Lauren. We know she has school plans, but want to make it clear that, should we be able to extend any apprenticeships in the future, she's first in line!
    3. Class B conversion first reading.
      • Discussion: yes, this will dilute Class A shares. It's primary purpose is to ensure that those who have worked for sweat equity retain it through any sort of equity discontinuity. Suggest that conversion at 75% instead of par may make it more acceptable to existing shareholders, and won't scare away future shareholders as much.
      • Tabled for more discussion. Jan to "run the numbers" at par and 75% for review.
    4. Brainstorming small capital projects: commercial kitchen, goat barn, raise UVic greenhouse. General consensus is for commercial kitchen first.
    5. Need product chalkboard for house, instead of the lame whiteboard. (Philipp)
    6. Need new "presence" sign for market tent. Suggested painted 1/4" plywood. (Kate, Philipp)
    7. Kate wants more structure for volunteers: keep up with job jar, milking plan, market staffing, partial prep for Tuesday Market on Monday evening (such as folding down bags), baby chicks ducks water (put on job jar) need to have everyone at breakfast at 8 for morning informal meeting each day.
  18. Next meeting set for Thursday, 2nd, at 16:00.
  19. Check-out: Cleome: spirits improved, Kate: got opportunity to talk about stuff, Jan: good meeting, Philipp: feeling better, settled in, Lena needs more rest; Ann-Sophie, a bit lost on what to do, job board is good idea; Lauren: feeling in the routine, mornings is for things that pop up, a bit more direction helpful.
  20. Meeting adjourned 17:42
  • respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 19:31, 26 July 2018 (PDT)

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