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Members Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 20:04
  2. Check-in: Rebecca glad to be here, Jan glad to actually have a meeting with all four members present, Kate and Cleome tired and concerned about burn-out.
  3. Previous meeting minutes (June 12) approved.
  4. Accomplishments
    1. Installed repaired cranks for West roll-up. (Jan) DONE!
    2. Market excess goats (Jan). All this year's bucklings and Redd sold and paid for. DONE!
    3. Hang EcoReality sign (Leonard, Jan). Daughter signs hung. DONE!
    4. Plumbing for orchard irrigation installed (Eddie) DONE!
    5. Blueberries looking unhappy. Give them some chicken manure compost tea, and bird-netted, too. (Kate) DONE!
    6. Move ducks in with chickens, along with their tractor. (Kate, all) DONE!
    7. Need tough bird netting on north side; chickens are getting through the wimpy netting that is there. Materials procured, south side done. (Cleome, Leonard, Kate, Lauren) DONE!
    8. Potting up (ongoing, all): pretty much DONE! for the season, with exception of some perennials.
    9. Need irrigation instruction signs to keep from breaking valves. (Kate) DONE!
    10. Cut all but a few spares of 10' T-posts in half (Jan) DONE!
    11. Put Bruce Röttgers in touch with Philipp (Jan). DONE!
    12. Cleome needs her marriage certificate for Ministry of Ed (Jan). DONE!
    13. Find someone who will rebuild pump for VVG (Jan). DONE!
    14. Go to Duncan fo organic icing sugar, organic coconut, and organic rolled oats. (Cleome, Jan) DONE!
  5. Market
    1. Research and procure re-coating market tent. (Jan)
    2. Planning for marketing soap at Tuesday Market, since they won't let us sell it outright. Make a sign. Photos taken and ready. (Jan)
  6. Eggs
    1. Duck and chicken eggs should begin hatching on Friday.
  7. Fruit
    1. Headers for irrigation installed. Need to find and install emitters and program the timer. (Jan)
  8. Greenhouse
    1. Need replacement eye bolts for base of sides. Need to be sturdier, 3/8" or so. (Jan)
    2. Fix North purlin in East room. (Jan)
    3. Patch holes. (Cleome, Jan)
    4. Current thought is that a second fan will be needed before powdery mildew season in fall. Jan noted that we should get our act together to spray horsetail.
    5. Fabricate side retaining cord clips out of the found wiggle-wire. We need as many as a third replaced (96), due to the stress of using them to support eagle-catchers over the chicken runs. (Jan)
  9. Dairy
    1. Running out of cheese storage. Need to clean up and move one from farm store to the sewing room, next to the fridge already there. (Jan)
    2. Will elastrate and de-horn Lefty's bucklings for buyer on or after Sunday, July 8.
    3. Need to elastrate and deliver Whitey's bucklings on or after Sunday, July 8.
    4. Fix west hedgerow fence — it's not hot. (Cleome, Jan, Leonard, Lauren)
    5. Check hooves and trim (Jan) ongoing, Whitey trimmed. Commit to one day a week to trim.
    6. Clean goat trailer: can wait until fall, but we should get it out of there before they start on hay, because it's better quality and easier to move without the hay in it.
  10. Infrastructure & Admin
    1. Pither suit:
      • requested to go in camera at 20:15
      • completed in camera meeting at 20:19; agreed to proceed with current efforts.
    2. Running low on propane, perhaps. Fill small propane tank as a backup. (Jan)
    3. Put new wheel on NE pasture gate. (Jan)
    4. Get new rubber stamp for product bags and such (Jan)
    5. Catch up on tax filings (Jan): sorting receipts in prep for entry
    6. Get new computer set up as web server (Jan) ongoing
  11. Education
    1. Bruce Röttgers from Germany arriving in September.
    2. Ricardo Watanabe from Brazil tentatively planned for September, duration and arrival date as yet unknown.
    3. We have a meeting with Chantel Staines, the new Homestay Network Relationship Manager, on Thursday at 9AM. All are welcome with your questions, etc.
  12. Cleome's move: will keep on agenda, but deferred until after market season.
    1. Fix VVG (Jan)
      • Remove pump and send it in
      • Pick a date, based on VVG running
      • Get a WWOOFer to help Kate while J&C are gone a minimum of three days
  13. Off-Island Shopping:
    1. Need to pick up more organic icing sugar.
    2. Need to deliver VVG pump to repair place.
    3. Need to arrange delivery of Whitey's bucklings.
    4. Need to elastrate Lefty's bucklings on customer site.
  14. Comings and Goings
    • Leonard couldn't stay away! He's back!
    • Kelvin arrived for the summer!
    • Sergio leaving July 5th. His Dad will arrive the 4th and stay overnight.
  15. Health and safety concerns: none noted.
  16. New business
    1. Rescind member dues as of 2015-05-03, when Rebecca Hamilton became a member.
      • Background: member dues were instituted in a time when the co-op had no other income and members were doing very little work. Now, with five-figure income and all resident members working like crazy, member dues seem too much to ask.
      • Cleome sought clarification about retroactivity; Jan noted that the only dues paid since then have been paper transactions from members' accounts payable, and they would be reversed as of 2015-05-03.
      • AGREED: member dues are rescinded as of 2015-05-03, retroactive, with any dues paid since then to be refunded to the paying member's revolving loan.
    2. Request that Veggie Van Gogh be acquired by EcoReality for 4,000 Class B Investment Shares to Jan Steinman.
      • Background: VVG could be more of an asset, but requires about $1,000 of maintenance.
      • Sense of the membership is that it isn't such a great asset.
    3. Request to accept the formal definition of apprentice.
      • Formal definition read aloud.
      • Cleome asked why can't existing members receive the same benefit. No good answer; Jan suggested she make a request.
      • AGREED: to the formal definition of apprentice.
    4. Accept Kate Stephenson|'s request to become an apprentice, retroactive to May 2017.
    5. Kate would like to move out of the house and into a trailer.
      • Jan pointed out this is not legal, and we are in a fish bowl.
      • As soon as we can get a building permit for an additional residence, living in a trailer is legal until the residence is built.
      • AGREED: to table Kate's request until we are sure we can do it legally, so she can't be arbitrarily kicked out on short notice.
    6. Kate wants to understand the status of the new greenhouse.
      • Will need more workers to staff it, and we cannot house them.
      • AGREED: that reconstruction of the new greenhouse is lower priority than more housing
    7. Kate feeling stressed over being the main dinner provider.
      • Jan asked if she would rather have a schedule, or just informal help.
      • AGREED: Kate and Cleome will informally split evening meal preparation, with help welcome from anyone!
  17. Next meeting set for Monday, 9th, at 16:00.
  18. Check-out: Jan grateful to all for meeting, Kate glad to have the meeting to clear the air, Cleome tired.
  19. Meeting adjourned 21:02
  • respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 23:42, 2 July 2018 (PDT)

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