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Members' Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 08:30
  2. Previous meeting minutes approved.
  3. Accomplishments
    • Fix trailer tire (Jan) DONE!
    • Re-label trees with permanent labels with ID and variety (Kate) DONE!
    • Sign up for Tuesday Market (Jan) DONE!
    • Attend Cobble Hill Seedy Saturday, Saturday, 10-2. Take 07:05 ferry. (Cleome, Jan) DONE!
    • Obtain non-cedar sawdust for blueberries. (Jan) DONE!
    • Empty trailer when tire is fixed later today. (Cleome) DONE!
    • Prep a non-heated "warm table" for potted-up plants. (Cleome, Jan) DONE!
    • Need fans to exercise new plants (Jan, Cleome) DONE! for two tables; need more.
    • Order pectin (Cleome) DONE!
    • Start saving cleanest eggs for incubator. (Kate) DONE!
    • Get incubator out and prep for use. (Cleome) DONE!
    • Re-build goat compost bin (all) DONE!
    • Hardware cloth in fireplace vents for varmint control (Cleome) DONE!
    • Screen soffit vents for varmint control (Cleome) DONE!
    • Cut out goumi. Cut back goji. (Kate, Cleome) DONE!
    • Order two more bags of NaOH (Jan) DONE!
  4. Market
    1. Make individual signs for starts. (Cleome)
    2. Fix tent holes. (Cleome, Jan, at first market)
    3. Planning for marketing soap at Tuesday Market, since they won't let us sell it outright. Make a sign (Jan)
    4. Tuesday Market hasn't acknowledged our application. Ping them (Jan)
    5. First Tuesday Market is May 1.
  5. Fruit
    1. Discussion about orchard care. Plan to pinch blossoms this year to frustrate fruit production. Discussed ground cover, daffodils.
    2. Prep buckets for watering trees. Make a hole for standard flag emitter (Cleome, Kate)
  6. Greenhouse
    1. Fix orange sprayer. (Jan)
    2. Investigate and repair leaky East water station. (Jan)
    3. Procure a number of little fans for the tables. (Jan)
    4. See about buying Dillon's grow light (Cleome) contacted, checking with his mom.
    5. Need replacement eye bolts for base of sides. (Jan)
    6. Procure replacement water manifold. (Jan)
    7. Fix North purlin in East room. (Jan)
    8. Procure or repair cranks for West roll-up. (Jan)
    9. Patch holes. (Cleome, Jan)
    10. Re-stretch skin. (all)
    11. Potting up
    12. Work west side beds (Jan, Cleome)
  7. Dairy
    1. Market excess goats (Jan): ongoing, queries, email, photos sent
    2. Check hooves and trim (Jan) ongoing, Taara and Sazmazz trimmed
    3. Clean goat trailer (Kate, Sergio): about 3/4ths done
    4. Cut all but a few spares of 10' T-posts in half (Jan)
  8. Value-added
    1. Need more forks, probably enough for one or two markets left. (Jan)
    2. Investigate new jars (Cleome)
  9. Eggs
    1. Chicks next Wednesday!
  10. Infrastructure
    1. Finish fixing potholes in driveway. (Jan)
    2. Pither suit: reviewing our response, which will be filed next week. (Jan)
    3. Get new rubber stamp for product bags and such (Jan)
    4. Move house compost bins (all)
    5. Catch up on tax filings (Jan): sorting receipts in prep for entry
    6. Get new computer set up as web server (Jan) ongoing
    7. Re-purpose old database server as Cleome's personal computer (Jan)
  11. Soap
    1. Pick up NaOH in Victoria (Jan)
  12. Education
    1. Need police report for Xavier. (Xavier)
    2. Soap Workshop changed to Sunday, April 22, 13:00 - 17:00
      • Need sign for Saturday Market (Cleome)
      • Put small receipt book in market kit for signups and other receiptable sales (Jan)
      • Begin publicity (Jan).
  13. Cleome's move
    1. Fix VVG (Jan)
      • Find someone who will rebuild pump
      • Remove pump and send it in
      • Pick a date, based on VVG running
      • Get a WWOOFer to help Kate while J&C are gone a minimum of three days
  14. This week's "Old Project" to complete: hang EcoReality sign
  15. Comings and Goings
    • Welcome Xavier, new volunteer from Montreal, possibly staying for entire season!
    • Cleome picking up new student (Maties) on Sunday at YYJ.
    • Basketball boys: probably at least Travis next Monday.
    • Kelvin coming on Tuesday for rest of week.
  16. Meeting adjourned 09:00
  • respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 22:33, 28 March 2018 (PDT)

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