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Members' Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 18:47
  2. Previous meeting minutes approved.
  3. Accomplishments
    1. Canada Summer Jobs application. (Jan) DONE!
    2. Orchard planted. (All) DONE! total of 53 trees planted!
    3. Make kindling (Philipp): DONE!
    4. Get new greenhouse light timer (Jan) DONE!
    5. Disbud last doeling (Jan) DONE!
    6. Seedy Saturday/Sunday (Cleome, Kate) DONE! great success!
    7. Fix trailer hitch and tire (Jan) DONE! but new tire failed within 30 feet...
    8. Check hooves and trim (Jan) ongoing, Taara and Sazmazz trimmed
    9. Clean goat trailer (Kate, Philipp, Sergio): about 3/4ths done
    10. Market excess goats (Jan): ongoing, queries, email, photos sent
    11. Pither suit: we should have a response to review by the end of this week.
    12. Catch up on tax filings (Jan): sorting receipts in prep for entry
  4. Week's plans:
    1. Market
      1. Sign up for Tuesday Market (Jan)
    2. Fruit
      1. Re-label trees with permanent labels with ID and variety (Kate, Jan)
      2. Prep buckets for watering trees. Make a hole for standard flag emitter (Cleome, Kate)
      3. Obtain non-cedar sawdust for blueberries. (Jan, left message with mill)
    3. Greenhouse
      1. Still searching for third grow light. Cleome will search attic; Kate will search dungeon.
      2. Need soil! Integrity having trouble making it. Purchase another bale.
      3. Fix broken greenhouse light (Jan)
      4. Get third heated table prepared (Cleome, Jan)
      5. See about buying Dillon's grow light (Cleome)
      6. Potting up
      7. Move rest of cured manure to west room; cover with wire to avoid chickens spreading it. (Kate)
      8. Get more cardboard from UVic Tuesday (Jan, Cleome)
    4. Dairy
      1. Put tubes in trailer tires (Jan)
      2. Cut all but a few spares of 10' T-posts in half (Jan)
    5. Infrastructure
      1. Get new computer set up as web server (Jan) ongoing
      2. Re-purpose old database server as Cleome's personal computer (Jan)
      3. Get new rubber stamp for product bags and such (Jan)
      4. Re-build goat compost bin, move house compost bins (all)
      5. Hardware cloth in fireplace vents for varmint control (Cleome)
      6. Screen soffit vents for varmint control (Cleome, Jan)
    6. Soap
      1. Order two more bags of NaOH (Jan)
    7. Education
      1. Soap Workshop changed to Sunday, April 22, 13:00 - 17:00
        1. Need sign for Saturday Market (Cleome)
        2. Put small receipt book in market kit for signups and other receiptable sales (Jan)
        3. Begin publicity (Jan).
  5. Cleome's move
    1. Fix VVG (Jan)
      1. Find someone who will rebuild pump
      2. Remove pump and send it in
    2. Pick a date, based on VVG running
    3. Get a WWOOFer to help Kate while J&C are gone a minimum of three days
  6. Comings and Goings
    1. Kate gone Wednesday PM.
    2. Basketball boys: ongoing practice schedule not firm, possibly Mondays
    3. Cleome & Jan to Tsawwassen and Snohomish, Wednesday, 13:50
      1. Jan deliver two goats, back 19:35
      2. Cleome tiling Nate's kitchen, back Saturday
  7. Meeting adjourned 19:30
  • respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 20:21, 25 February 2018 (PST)

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