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Members' Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 09:35
  2. Previous meeting minutes approved.
  3. Accomplishments
    1. Canada Summer Jobs application: ongoing
    2. Disbudding new kids (Jan) DONE!
    3. Recycling (Jan) DONE!
    4. Orchard
      1. Layout (Cleome, Kate) DONE!
      2. Re-label trees (Kate) DONE!
      3. Dig holes (Kate, Philipp) DONE!
    5. Install latest MariaDB and link to wiki (Jan) DONE!
    6. Manure trailer next to goat barn (Jan) DONE!
    7. Clean goat trailer (Kate, Philipp, Sergio): about 3/4ths done
    8. Market excess goats (Jan): ongoing, queries, email, photos sent
    9. Pither suit: law firm retained as authorized by board (Jan) should know more by next meeting
    10. Make kindling (Philipp): ongoing
    11. Work on web "landing page" (Philipp): ongoing
    12. Catch up on tax filings (Jan): sorting receipts in prep for entry
  4. Greenhouse report (Kate)
    1. Need more light!
    2. Replace bad light timer.
  5. Week's plans:
    1. Seedy Saturday/Sunday
      1. Make carrot cake, jam.
      2. Sort through our seeds, discard real old ones, donate not-so-old ones (Kate).
      3. Pack Chinese Yam tubercles for sale.
    2. Orchard
      1. Separate grass and put back in holes (Jan, Kate)
      2. Mix aged manure with remaining soil (Kate)
      3. Wait for water to go down before planting
    3. Greenhouse
      1. Get new greenhouse light timer (Jan)
      2. Find missing greenhouse light (Cleome)
      3. Fix broken greenhouse light (Jan)
    4. Dairy
      1. Disbud last doeling (Jan)
      2. Fix trailer hitch and tire (Jan)
      3. Keep an eye on Tara's doeling, wounds on side, back
      4. Check hooves and trim (Jan)
    5. Infrastructure
      1. Get new computer set up as web server (Jan)
      2. Website landing page (Philipp)
      3. Get new rubber stamp for product bags and such (Jan)
      4. Do simple hardware check of Kate's computer (Jan)
    6. Plan and prep for Sunday, March 4 soap-making workshop, 13:00 - 17:00; begin publicity (Jan).
  6. Comings and Goings
    1. Philipp leaving on Friday! Kate will take to airport.
    2. Basketball boys: Mon & Wed, possibly Tues, Travis still doing paperwork
  7. Meeting adjourned 10:09

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