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Members' Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 20:45
  2. Agenda: 2017 planning
    1. New family in White House: welcome!
      • Interested in participation, and possible member-funder status
      • Need to carve off some area of responsibility that they could have certain autonomy over; new orchard suggested.
      • Jan will research and lay out orchard, contract Ken Tera for excavating.
    2. Canada Summer Jobs application in, have one candidate already
    3. Sarah & Melissa, five-month volunteers, coming in June
    4. New greenhouse plans
      • No good time, summer is too busy
      • Staged: need to get footings in, then level frame, then glass
    5. Becky's immigration status; Jan will investigate Express Entry options.
    6. Cleome will get some new Americana chickens
    7. Farm store
      • Claude has been given materials for sheltering the stuff he has in the farm store area
      • Need to move greenhouse glass out
      • Need to rock ceiling, put window in south wall, sink in corner.
      • Open Sundays to start
      • Becky will do additional research, with goal of opening in April.
  3. Meeting adjourned 21:55
  • Respectfully submitted: Jan Steinman 22:12, 15 January 2017 (PST)

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