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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  1. Meeting starts 10:05
  2. Check-in
  3. Agenda approved.
  4. Minutes of last two meetings, 7 May 2014 and 27 June 2014, reviewed and approved.
  5. Old business:
    1. Project updates:
      1. Electric market vehicle:
        • Almost all necessary components have been purchased; just waiting for enough time. Will resume after market season.
        • Still needed: 5 kΩ potbox, charger.
      2. Upcoming classes and events:
        • Korean "Summer Camp" was a success.
        • Discussed ideas for future workshops:
          1. There have been requests for another heese workshop. Jan will schedule in November.
          2. Biodiesel workshop; need to restore processor first. (Perhaps combine the two?)
          3. Cider workshop in December.
          4. Canning and preserving workshop, but need to do it during canning and preserving season for people to gain the most benefit — which is when we are most busy! Perhaps next July or August. Review ones we've done in the past, usually in September and October.
          5. Soap making workshop this coming winter.
          6. Herbal medicine preparation workshop: tincture-making.
      3. Recruiting:
        • Carol's lien against EcoReality's property has pretty much squelched our ability to re-finance, and has resulted in our mortgage being bumped 20 basis points, resulting in over $640/year less money available, at a time when major banks are reducing interest rates. Jan will continue to seek financing more in-line with most other mortgages.
        • Jan corresponding with Phoenix L, a long-time communitarian in Ontario who is interested in our project.
        • Jan needs to follow up with Margrette, who contacted us in June.
    2. Health and safety concerns and updates: more hugs needed!
  6. New business:
    1. Review of recent statistics tabled.
    2. Discussion about household chores on time sheets.
      • AGREED: Time spent cooking and cleaning should normally not be counted as EcoReality time, if it is rotated on an equal basis. Time spent cooking and cleaning for events, or if done disproportionately (for example, one person consistently caring for the group, without rotating duties) can be counted as EcoReality time. General rule-of-thumb: if you'd have to do it living alone, it doesn't count. If you would get paid for it, such as being hired as a cook or housecleaner, it does count.
    3. AGREED: We will establish a home care sign-up sheet for cooking, cleanup, etc.
    4. Report on insurance: we saved about $500 (over 10%) annually by splitting the house insurance from the farm/general liability insurance.
    5. Report on mortgage: CCEC has arbitrarily, for no good reason and with a perfect payment record, increased our rate 20 basis points at a time when most banks are reducing their rates. This should result in an increase in our mortgage payments of about $640 a year, but our most recent statement shows an increase of $423.61 for one month, or nearly $5,100 annually. We cannot possibly make such payments and Jan will investigate and seek a correction with CCEC.
    6. Request that interest charged on personal loans from the co-op and interest paid on personal loans to the co-op be increased to 5.2% and 4.45%, respectively, in-line with the recent hike in our mortgage, retroactive to 1 August 2014. The original agreement was formed to pay member-loaners the same rate charged by our mortgage lender, and to charge those who owed us money the same as our mortgage, plus 0.5% for overhead costs.
      • AGREED: Members who have a revolving loan to EcoReality Co-op will be credited .371% interest monthly (4.45% annual rate), effective 1 August 2014.
      • AGREED: Debts owed to EcoReality for 30 days or longer be assessed a finance charge of 0.433% each month, equivalent to a 5.2% annual rate, which will accrue to the debt owed if unpaid.
    7. Discussion and request that the definition of good standing includes a certain level of formal communication, nominally in the form of meeting attendance.
    8. AGREED: The definition of a "member in good standing" is changed to include attendance of at least 50% of all meetings within the past 90 days, or a minimum of one meeting per month within the past 90 days, whichever is fewer.
    9. AGREED: Cleome will contribute her Stihl 024 chain saw in exchange for 200 Class B Investment Shares.
    10. AGREED: Jan will contribute his Homelite 240 chain saw in exchange for 200 Class B Investment Shares.
  7. Review arrivals/departures, guests and apprentices.
    • Raoul B. visited yesterday, offered to help with promotions, will return Monday.
    • Steve's mother Lise visited last week, and would like to come back sometime in the next few months.
    • Camilla will visit Steve sometime after 12 October for a few days.
    • Jan & Cleome will go to Michigan for a week in about a month — will update as soon as we have airline tickets.
    • Chelsea will visit her aunt in Nanaimo for a couple days after 26 October.
    • Adam Perry to move here in November, with wife Grace and child arriving some time later.
  8. Farm meeting:
    • Items to track (rough priority order):
      1. Firewood! Waiting on chain saw repair.
      2. Finish drying apples when weather is a bit cooler.
      3. Clean up greenhouse and put to sleep for the winter.
        1. Pull out and compost dead plants.
        2. Seek out and destroy noxious weeds (dock, buttercup, daisy, etc.), leaving leguminous weeds (clover, vetch, etc.)
        3. Roll up irrigation.
        4. Plan winter greens.
        5. Plan winter protection for Physalis.
        6. Cover-crop other beds.
      4. Clean up west field and prepare for winter.
        1. Pull out tomato plants.
        2. Roll up irrigation.
        3. Prep southmost beds for garlic planting.
        4. Cover-crop other beds.
      5. Start planning seed orders.
        1. Horizon Herbs: no more than ten perennials.
      6. Protect chestnuts and blueberries from chickens in east garden.
      7. Construct last three beds in greenhouse west room.
      8. Clean up farm store area in prep for construction.
      9. Re-finish dining room ceiling.
      10. Make some "salad boats" out of cut-off portions of seedling trays. (Spring)
      11. Gavin dig duck pond in October when ground is softer.
      12. Gavin will manure fields he leases from us before winter.
        1. Contact Gavin about liming first.
      13. Fix big rototiller -- won't run for more than a minutes or so; investigate fuel blockage -- back burner, winter project.
        • Shop for small diesel for power rototiller.
      14. Investigate using small greenhouse as a food dehydrator.
    • Items recently completed:
      1. Construct beds in greenhouse west room. (almost) DONE!
      2. Finish cleaning out freezer in farm store -- mouldy fluid needs to be dumped. DONE!
      3. Decant pear vinegar and clean out blue barrel. DONE!
      4. Fix sickle bar in prep for spring mowing. DONE!
      5. Fix dining room ceiling. (sort-of) DONE!
    • Plans for the week:
      • Apple drying.
      • Wood harvesting.
      • More value-added production.
      • Begin greenhouse and west garden winter prep.
      • Make template of VW transmission for fabrication of electric motor adaptor.
      • Continue building raised beds.
  9. Confirmed next meeting: Next residents' meeting: Jan facilitator, Sunday, 5 October 2014 09:00. Will continue meeting every other week, to see if it needs to be more or less often.
  • Meeting adjourned, 11:36
  • Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 23:54, 21 September 2014 (CEST)

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