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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  1. Meeting starts 08:58
  2. Check-in
  3. Agenda approved.
  4. Minutes of previous meeting, 2012-09-12, reviewed and approved.
    • Matters arising:
      1. Need to talk with Jacquie about farm tour info -- Jan
      2. Need to promo jelly workshop on 30th -- Jan
      3. Have to commit money to emergency well electricity -- Jan
      4. When welding Camlocks onto pump, also weld washers onto rebar to use for greenhouse door wheels -- Jan
  5. Old business:
    • To do reviewed:
      • Remove task about cleaning up parking lot before ING meeting.
      • Remove task about digging relocated gate post hole.
    • Calendar reviewed:
      • Ben away this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon, to Vancouver for a concert.
      • Carol moving out on the 26th.
    • Project updates:
      1. Farm stay hostel: on hold, per 2012-09-12 meeting.
      2. Upcoming classes and events:
        1. SSI Farm Tour:
          • Jan needs to follow up on his tasks for this event.
        2. Carol will do a workshop on the 30th, and has no specific support needs.
      3. Necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality:
        • Jan corresponding with Peter, whose children have all moved here, but he needs to sell his house.
        • Couple from North Carolina (who are seeking a situation to join) have committed to a winter-long stay here, starting shortly after 9 October.
        • The amount of Carol's day-to-day involvement is unclear, but will become more predictable after she settles into her new home on the 26th.
      4. Goat shed II:
        • Internal work will begin just before the weather changes. (Good luck predicting that!) Currently not high priority.
      5. Commercial propagation greenhouse:
      6. Emergency power: no changes. Time to order materials, notably the 150' of #10x3 rubber cable.
      7. Yellow house suite: no changes.
      8. Water system maintenance:
        • Camlock connectors to be welded this week.
  6. Health & safety: no changes.
  7. New business:
    1. Household harvest protocol:
      • AGREED: All harvests bigger than a small handful are to be weighed in and logged. People who are actively putting volunteer work into producing food are free to use that food for meals, being mindful of not impacting farm income (eating seconds, avoiding high-value products, etc.) Residents who are not actively working the fields should buy EcoReality-produced food from the roadside stand or the yellow house stand.
    2. Review upcoming volunteers:
      • We are unable to house all the volunteers we have booked or here on site.
      1. Emma & Judi are scheduled for 24 September through 7 October, but Mao is in the suite through the 30th. Jan will contact and ask them to come on 1 October.
      2. Michelle & Roger K scheduled for the entire winter, shortly after October 9.
      3. Rob is welcome to stay through the end of the month.
  8. Arrivals/Departures:
    • Ben to Vancouver 19th PM, back 20th PM.
      • Rob will close/open roadside stand and greenhouse.
    • Carol moving out 26th.
  9. Farm meeting
    • Continue to pick seckels and blackberries.
    • Work party Friday: firewood
    • Markets:
      • Saturday - Ben starts, Jan relieves around noon.
      • Tuesday - Ben and Jan.
      • Saturday, 29th: will not participate, due to SSI Farm Tour. We can probably sell as much by staying at home that day.
  10. Plans for next week:
    • Jan: siphon starter early next week.
    • Jan: write up farm tour info
    • Jan: assess Red Jetta for roadworthiness
    • Rudy: Blackburn Mall kindling
    • Carol: preserve some excess inventory. Pickles?
  11. Confirmed next meeting: Next residents' meeting: Wednesday, 26 September 2012, 09:00, Jan facilitating and someone taking notes.
  • Meeting adjourned, 10:29.
  • Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 00:04, 20 September 2012 (CEST)

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