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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  1. Meeting starts 08:32
  2. Agenda
    • Ron wants a printed copy of the agenda along with any and all things that are to be brought up in the meeting, and said he was unwilling to review and print as needed the on-line version. Much discussion ensued. Jan will provide a printed copy of future agendas to Ron at the meeting, but noted that does not absolve him from the responsibility of being prepared for the meeting.
    • Ron requested discussion about recent email correspondence to CCEC (2011-12-29).
    • Ron requested discussion about necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality. Jan noted that it was already on the agenda.
    • 08:50 Meeting agenda unanimously approved by Members.
  3. Approval of minutes of previous meeting, 2011-12-21
    • Ron objected to having the minutes approved without his having a printed copy. Jan noted that he was not even at that meeting, and that "approval" only meant that those present accept them as a clear and accurate accounting of the proceedings of that meeting, and that Ron would have an opportunity to object to things that happened at that meeting under the agenda item: "Matters arising from minutes."
    • Minutes were read aloud.
    • Ron is uncomfortable with seeing the minutes (via Rudy's printed copy) for the first time at this meeting. Jan shares his discomfort, and notes that notice of posting of the minutes went out two weeks ago via email, and that Ron had two weeks to look at the minutes, and that he was unprepared for this meeting, and so should allow the meeting to proceed. Ron insists that he was never informed that the minutes had been posted.
    • (Post meeting note: here is the notice of meeting minutes (2011-12-21), sent to Ron and all other residents on Wednesday, December 21, 2011.)
    • 09:04 Minutes of 2011-12-21 unanimously approved by Members.
  4. Old business:
    • Matters arising from old minutes:
      • Ron found a typo in Project updates - "yellow house suite so discussion" should read "no discussion". Ron is confused about whether that means there was a "so discussion" that he was not privy to. All who were present at that meeting assured him that indeed, there was no discussion of that agenda item.
      • Discussion about what kind of meeting to have because of Ron's unrelenting and combative acuasations. Jan suggested that perhaps this should be a heart circle rather than a business meeting. All agreed to continue with the business meeting.
      • Jan asked how he could better support Ron in being prepared for meetings, besides giving him website access to meeting minutes two weeks in advance. Ron did not have a cogent reply, other than to once again complain about not having a printed copy of the previous meeting's minutes.
      • Ron objects (over and over) to us burning wet wood when he can provide us with dry wood for $300 a cord.
    • 09:30 Review to do list:
      • Regarding Ron's task to review co-op governance (2010-12-01), Ron noted that he hired Deb Curran to review EcoReality governance and co-op rules before he became a Class A Investment Shareholder, and she submitted a report that raised some issues. Jan asked if that meant this item could be taken off Ron's task list, but Ron said to leave it (Minutes:20101201) on.
      • Regarding Ron's task to clean up the work shop, Ron says his half of work shop is clean - mark as Done.
      • The memorandum of understanding that Ron agreed to draft before he would come up with a budget for the two profit centres he is supposed to be managing has not been produced in 49 days.
        • Jan asked if there was anything we could do to support Ron in getting a realistic budget so we could complete planning the next year. Jan noted that all we have is the totally unrealistic budget he submitted in October 2010, and that if he can't get a budget together before seed needs to be ordered, he will request that Ron be removed from responsibility for the market garden and greenhouse.
        • Ron noted that he will not write a memorandum of understanding nor submit a budget until he has a Certificate of Shares. Jan noted that our co-op rules specifically state that certificates are not issued, as allowed in the BC Cooperative Association Act.
        • Ron insists (many times) that he has a right to a certificate of shares, and Jan agreed to provide a link to the language regarding share certificates in our rules.
        • ACTION: [x] Jan will send Ron a link to the language in our co-op rules that says we don't issue share certificates. (Jan Steinman)
        • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Ron agreed to email a first draft of his proposed "memorandum of understanding" regarding his management of the Market Garden and Commercial Transplant Greenhouse profit centres by next Monday, 9 January 2012, at noon. (Ron Pither)
      • Rudy's task to build a pallet composter: Rudy sought some guidance about where to put such a thing. Jan and Carol suggested next to the south fence of the East Field, about half way down the fence, if that would not interfere with his personal kitchen garden, currently in that area. Rudy said we would be happy to work his garden around it, and will proceed. Ron said that he didn't think next to the fence was a good idea, but offered no alternative location.
      • Regarding Ron's agreement to mark up a tenancy agreement to his satisfaction as a starting point for negotiation:
        • Ron will not sign any sort of tenancy agreement until the co-op makes him a member and director
        • It is Ron's perception that he was deceived about not being a member or director.
        • Jan noted that Ron has not even filled out a member application, which has been available on the website for many years, and which Jan provided him a paper copy on 20 October 2011.
      • 9:30 Meeting end time arrives, with only three of eleven agenda items completed. Jan requests that the meeting be extended for another 15 minutes, and all agree. Following is more repetition of Ron's accusations about the operation of the co-op and his imagined status as something other than a holder of Class A Investment Shares.
      • 9:45 In deference to Ron, Jan requests to extend the meeting another 10 minutes, all agree.
    • Review calendar: no discussion.
    • Project updates:
      1. Necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality -- request for agreement
        • Ron objects to not having a printed copy of this project, but refers to its content, and admits he was able to read it on-line.
        • Jan reviews the project plan, noting that EcoReality has retained a law firm to ensure that this plan would be carried out in a legal manner. The law firm has discovered that our current co-op rules make it impossible for any investor to receive any preferential treatment, or to be paid out ahead of other investors, and that the law firm is working on language that would allow an EcoReality board-approved "transfer" of shares, so that a private transaction between two private parties could result in one shareholder departing with their investment and a new shareholder then holding those shares.
        • Ron agrees that there are irreconcilable differences between he and the co-op.
        • Ron expresses reassurance that the law firm is retained to aid in share liquidity, and wishes he had been involved earlier. Jan noted that Ron has been informed of the basic plan last October.
        • AGREED: unanimously (including Ron) to proceed with the new project, necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality.
        • 9:55 Jan requested that we move all unfinished business to the next meeting, and that this meeting be extended another 5 minutes to wrap up final details. All agreed.
      2. emergency power (Jan) -- no action
      3. commercial propagation greenhouse (Ron) -- no action
      4. yellow house suite (Jan) -- no action
      5. water system (Jan) -- no action
      6. firewood (Jan) -- no action
      7. Permaculture design course 2012 (Jan) -- no action
  5. New business: -- no action
    1. (Ron's addition to agenda): requested discussion about recent email correspondence to CCEC (2011-12-29). -- no action
    2. Request EcoReality host Christian's bees. Jan will draft a written agreement. -- no action
    3. Review electrical use of pump and green building. Meter was read on the 2nd. -- no action
      • Existing agreement: cost of pump electricity is split equally between yellow house and white house.
      • Request formal agreement (previously verbal) that the pump electricity be split equally between the white house and the yellow house.
      • Request that green building electricity be split equally between yellow house and Rudy, and that Rudy be credited the amount he gave Ron, since the total use as measured is not even half of that.
    4. Request that Market Garden profit centre management be transferred to Carol. -- no action
    5. Request that Commercial Propagation Greenhouse profit centre management be transferred to Carol. -- no action
    6. Missing things: -- no action
      • Where is the large rototiller EcoReality bought from Ron?
      • Long orange extension cord on orange roll-up reel. Anybody seen it?
    7. ING meeting -- no action
    8. Review 2011 harvest and 2011 sales -- no action
    9. Review 2011-12 harvest and 2011-12 sales -- no action
    10. Review and approve budget 2012 -- no action
  6. Arrivals/Departures:
    • John Freebury left on Tuesday and will return on 1 February.
    • Carol leaving shortly for a week with her family in Oregon. Jan will remain to "hold down the fort."
  7. Farm meeting -- no action
  8. Plans for next week -- no action
  9. Confirm next meeting:
    • Ron requested that the meeting be moved to 9AM, as it is difficult for him to come over by 8:30.
    • Jan noted that Carol had expressed a similar thing a couple weeks ago, and apologized for not putting it on the agenda.
    • AGREED: regular weekly meeting time moved to 9AM.
    • Next residents' meeting: Wednesday, 11 January 2012, 09:00, Jan facilitating and taking minutes, since Carol will not be here.
  • Meeting adjourned, 10:06
  • Respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 10:54, 4 January 2012 (PST)

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