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Tuesday, 27 July 2011, Residents' Meeting

  • Present:
  • Meeting starts 08:50
  • Adenda approved.
  • Minutes:20110621 approved.
    • Review governance, stewardship & decision making Quarterly
  • Reviewed task list.
  • Calendar not reviewed.
  • Old Business:
  • Project updates:
  • New business:
    • Meeting times:
      • Daily, at breakfast - What are we doing today?
      • Wednesday mornings, beginning next week, informal, regular meeting the following, switching off every other week with a formal, minuted meeting.
      • Meeting as needed of immediate needs.
    • AGREED to volunteer co-op support agreement as written.
    • Front field - mow area to prepare for tilling/rotovating for seeding fall crop.
    • East field - mow lower area to prep of tilling/rotovating.
    • Initial Permaculture plan for east field presented -- much more to do.
    • Water leak in pump house.
    • Discussion about next two markets while Ron is away.
    • Update on Ron's trip to Cuba.
    • White house hydro and telephone updates. Read pump and green building meters.
    • Hay and manure from Mayne.
  • Farm Meeting
  • Arrival/Departures:
    • Asja leaving because of family illness.
    • Ron to Cuba on Friday, 29 July and returning either the following Sunday.
    • Manu mother visiting in September.
  • Plans for the week.
    • Ongoing farm prep and cleanup.
    • Figure out if Up-Pup is still available.
    • Look at siphon system from reservoir.
    • Work on floor of new greenhouse.
    • Gather forage - ongoing.
    • Chip forage remains.
    • Help Ron load boat, Friday afternoon.
  • Check-out & discussion.
  • Meeting adjourned, 10:15
    • Regular residents' meeting: Wednesday, 08:30.
  • Respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 27 July 2011, 11:36 (PST)

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