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Wednesday, 17 November 2010, Residents' Meeting

  1. Agenda approved.
  2. Minutes:20101110 approved.
  3. Updated to do list.
  4. ACTION: [x] (cancelled task) Jan to update brochure. (Jan Steinman)
  5. Ron talking to OSDP for funding of Cuban internship program.
  6. Wire from Ron is not good for emergency power project. Jan will buy wire.
  7. Yellow house skylights status. Jan will begin the opening and put up vapour barrier for starters.
  8. Commercial propagation greenhouse:
    • Quote from Steele is still good
    • Hope to be ready to build by mid-February
    • Set up could take one week.
    • ACTION: [x] Ron will check to see if we need any concrete (corner posts? door sill?) for commercial propagation greenhouse. (Ron Pither)
  9. CCEC payments to begin 1 January 2011.
    • AGREED: Jan & Carol to pay principle and get class A shares. Interest to come from co-op reserves until spring.
  10. AGREED: Work party every Wednesday after meeting.
  11. Newsletter out by 7 December. Mention that we have funding, financial reorganization, education events. Ron will help.
  12. Monthly themes for next year:
    • January - Construction
    • February - Planting planning
    • March - Internships & Programs
    • April - Livestock
      • [x] (abandoned) Ron will prepare a beekeeping workshop for April. (Ron Pither)
    • May - Planting
    • June - Water management
    • July - Permaculture
    • August - Travel
    • September - Harvest
    • October - Processing & storage
    • November - Next year's planning
    • December - Financial planning
  13. Reminder of Steward's Reports for 2 March 2011 AGM
  14. Presentation of Budget 2011
  15. AGREED: Yellow house suite project approved.
  16. Ron briefed us on the "apple meeting" that he attended last night. EcoReality may serve as an interim or alternative site while the proposed Beddis site grinds its way through bureaucracy.
  17. Arrivals/Departures:
    • Manu returning from Mayne on Saturday or Sunday, and can help with skylights.
    • Keiko & Uso returning to Japan on Saturday.
    • Jan & Carol going to Vancouver Island Goat Association meeting near Nanaimo on Saturday; returning with buck.
  18. Check-out
  19. Meeting adjourned, 10:41
  20. Next meeting:
    • Regular residents' meeting: Wednesday, 24 November 2010, 08:30
  • Respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 11:17, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

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