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Wednesday, 27 October 2010, Residents' Meeting

  1. Discussion about status of the front field. Ron's tractor needs repair. He feels that the field is good enough until spring.
  2. Discussion about Ron's mobile home. Rudy is working on fixing it up. We will talk about it's use.
  3. Ron is working at organizing and storing the equipment that is in front of the classroom.
  4. Discussion about building a pole barn to the east of the garage/shop/classroom. Ron has trusses that could be used.
  5. Jan will talk to Jan MacPherson about someone that is interested in investing.
  6. Ron will begin the membership process.
  7. Jan will adress the rental income with CCEC.
  8. Discussion about a Cuban fellowship in the spring.
  9. last meeting minutes not approved.
  10. Arrivals/Departures: None
  11. Check-out
  12. Meeting adjourned, 09:45
  13. Next meeting:
    • Regular residents' meeting: Wednesday, 3 November 2010, 08:30
  • Respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 09:30, 28 October 2010 (UTC)

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