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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Monday, 8 March 2010, Residents' Meeting

  • Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, James Cowan, Susie Anne Bartsch, Rudy Siegers.
  • Facilitator: Jan Steinman
  • Recorder: Susie Anne Bartsch
  • Meeting starts 9:34am
  • Check in
  • Agenda Approved with additions to original
  • Agenda:
  • Old business
    1. Approved last week's minutes.
      • New business
    2. Check date for Cowans’ March rent and the question of Class A shares for departing members
      • James and Shannon and Susie Anne and Brenden would all prefer to have February and March, 2010 (just March for the Cowans) be still considered as Class A shares.
      • EcoReality will make their decision about shares or rent regarding the residents of the White House by Monday, March 15th.
      • Carol will address the date on the cheque from James and Shannon for the month of March once the decision of whether EcoReality chooses to extend Class A shares to the departing members at the meeting next week. This issue is that the cheque should be dated to March 1st if it is rent and March 31 if not. The cheque also requires an initial from Shannon.
    3. Re-request that White House folk call before coming over to the Yellow House — Jan
      • SA and James will speak with Shannon about this. Jan and Carol agree that it is okay for the girls to come over occasionally on their own.
    4. Discuss booking EcoReality Garage Sale Saturday Mar 20th 10am-2pm and Sunday Mar 21 10am-2pm. Some details to present, more to come when James returns (10) — James
      • James thinks that this item should be on hold for March 20th weekend.
      • James is not sure whether the Olympic stuff will even come over to Salt Spring.
      • James says that if it does not come then his family does not really need to have a garage sale for their personal stuff. SA and Brenden are in the same boat.
      • James will keep in touch with Jan, Carol and Rudy about the Olympic stuff and give a minimum of two weeks notice but preferably more.
    5. Discussion and request that White House residents have the White House septic system pumped before they leave on March 31. (10) — Jan}}
      • Jan says it is fair to assume that the tanks were empty when EcoReality bought the property.
      • James is wondering if they even need to be pumped.
      • Jan and Carol pumped the system at Sharp Road with their own money.
      • Jan suggests that perhaps the White House residents could pay to have it serviced. This would cost at least $195.
      • James does not want to have the system checked or clean the filters himself.
      • We have clearly not yet reached consensus on this item;
    6. The To Do list – each person agrees to look through and review their personal to do lists and email Jan items that can be removed, shifted to another person so that all those leaving are cleared of unfinished items.
    7. Briefly review schedules — travel, videoconference dates, changes to potlucks etc.
      • Friday James- Victoria
      • James may be gone to Vanc Sun and Monday
      • Jan and Carol will be in Vancouver on Thursday
      • Jan would like to show a fundraiser that is coming today at 2pm and would like to show them the WH
      • White House residents will not be present for the March 13th or March 20th potlucks.
      • SA says she will be present for the March 27th potluck.
    8. Jan and Carol request longer notice if people are going to be missing or cancelling potlucks.
    9. James is very willing to show new renters the ins and outs of the White House when the times comes.
    10. White House hydro will be transferred to EcoReality at the end of March.
      • James will call BC Hydro and set a cancellation date of April 1st and email Carol when he has done so she can set the start date.
    11. SA and Brenden are offering $25 per week for the trailer to remain on the land up until the end of April. EcoReality will consider this and get back to SA and Brenden and respond by next Monday.
    12. Shelving- James- James has sent an email dated March 7th, 2010 with a statement regarding the pine shelving put in the WH kitchen and office, understairs and upstairs closet. He needs get his paperwork in order and then EcoReality will issue him Class A investment shares as previously agreed.
  • Closing
  • Confirm facilitator and recorderfor next meeting-Jan and Carol.
  • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
  • Meeting ends: 10:36am
  • These minutes have been submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch, March 9th, 2010 at 7:09am

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