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Wednesday, 6 January 2010, Winter Retreat

Farmers Institute presentation thoughts

(Flip chart transcribed by Carol.)

  • Main point, to have some involvement of 61 acres
    • more than to have access to the reservoir
    • intro to mgmt team (Shannon, UBC; 2 PDC; 1 lifelong farmer
      • skilled in working together
      • summary of who we are, why we are here
    • point out areas of challenges
      • large reservoir needs repair
      • small pond dam needs repair
      • soil needs improvement
    • come up with remedies
      • stewards and care takers of the land
      • care of dams
      • fertilize fields
      • common management
    • community involvement
      • allotment plots, sub leases
      • flexible to work with others
    • limit or eliminate development
    • 29 year lease
      • $1 per year for first 5 years
  • Finish - focus that we are about agriculture
  • Farmland Trust - call Cora - what is their plan?

Programs brainstorm

(Flip chart transcribed by Carol.)

  • March - Hands Together Festival
    • Open house?
  • April - Speaker
    • 1-3 day retreat?
  • May - Jeremy Fisher
  • July - Tree Bressen
  • August - Eco Tour party
  • September - PDC
    • Stone soup

Comings and goings:

  • J & C away 1st of every quarter
  • J & C visit Michigan in October
  • SA & MO: Option A - MO return in June forever
    • Option B - Mo return in April, back to Yukon in May, return in September
  • J & S away November 15 - Jan 15, 2011

Program Ideas:

  • Festivals
    • 1/2 day Mar 20 - Equinox - children/family - Hands together festival, Raffi, Valdy (80%) - SA
    • September - Stone Soup festival, harvest festival - Shan
  • Education
    • PDC - June or September (97%) - JS
    • Open house/EcoReality info presentation - Shan
    • Eco tour/Apres tour party - Mid August - jC
    • Tree Bressen workshop - late July - possible public fundraiser - Shan
  • Presentation
    • Linda Popov - Carol
    • Steven Cox
    • Raffi
    • Gabor Mate
    • Bill Rees
  • Member/Resident presenter
    • Transition town conference/discussion (Andrew Haigh) - Mo
    • DLC
  • Offsite/other
    • Jeremy Fisher - May (95%) - JC
    • Loreena McKennitt -JC
    • Balloon/Hang glider Rides - Mo
    • Nut Conference - Mo
    • Bioneers - satellite venue
    • Eco conference (like bioneers)
    • Natural Building workshop

Action Tracking within EcoReality

This below was transcribed by Shannon from flipchart recorded by James. Shan 23:57, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

EcoReality members brainstormed ways that we could achieve greater clarity and accountability as a group, and keep on task together.

Brainstormed ideas that were classified as Current or Urgent include:

  • creating weekly action plans
  • adding deadlines to tasks or action items in meetings
  • encouraging a priority steward to act as project manager
  • using a buddy system or coaching each other/external coaches
  • asking for and offering support at meetings when action items are reviewed

Brainstormed ideas that were classified as both Current and Ongoing or Long term included:

  • having one book per project
  • task list on wiki
  • project pages
  • personal lists - on your own in obvious place to you
  • fast track schedule program
  • GANTT charts
  • ERP (Time, Project, Accounting)
  • time to review list
  • add priority level and deadlines to existing task list on wiki
  • incentives (generate some)
  • acknowledge completions
  • project manager
  • self care

Challenges or barriers identified:

  • system of using a task list on wiki
    • not following through effectively
    • incomplete
    • not everyone knows about it
    • currently it is not reviewed as a group often enough
    • not enough conversation about each idea for steward of the task/action item to always follow through
    • no accountability
    • technically difficult to use this system

Fundraising Action Planning Session

  • In this session of the retreat, Shannon facilitated co-creation of EcoReality's Fundraising Action Plan
    • one of EcoReality's most important category of Action and Planning for 2010
  • Other categories discussed in the Priorities retreat session lead by Susie Anne were:
    • Events and Outreach - which got tied into Fundraising for this year,
    • Membership - which is somewhat included in the Fundraising Action Plan,
    • 'Development Planning,
    • Farm/Land/Maintenance, and
    • Administration/Stewardships/Governance.
  • The intention of the group is to create Action Plans for each of these above categories, depending on their priority, as determined by the group under leadership of the Priorities Steward.

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