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Monday, 4 January 2010, Winter Retreat

11:09: Priorities Session

  • AGREED: I choose to participate fully, to the best of my ability, in making EcoReality work.
  • Do we need a fund raising steward?
  • Do we need a financial planning scenario?
  • Need agreement about new vehicles on property.
    • Need to have car-sharing agreement.
      • My notes said SA was supposed to send email about something here, but it wasn't car-sharing... :-)
  • ACTION: [x] Need to establish hour rate for tractor and for what sort of things it can be billed for. (Jan Steinman)
  • Need to understand "re-zoning" vs "farm worker housing" issues.
    • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Set up meeting (with agenda) with Justine. (Shannon Cowan)
  • ACTION: [x] Create an agreement regarding use of the shop and garage. (Carol Wagner)
  • ACTION: [x] What to do when for PDC — Jan Steinman)
  • ACTION: [x] Find out contact person for Environmental Farm Plan by 15 Jan. (Carol Wagner)
  • ACTION: [x] New class of Supporter shares sketched out by 28 Jan. (Jan Steinman)
  • ACTION: [x] Get Brenden the information he needs to re-write SEEDS so it can be a charity. (Jan Steinman)

—Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 19:26, 26 January 2010 (UTC)

Shannon's Priorities Chart

PRIORITIES-SESSION 3-JAN 4TH, 2010 Who Notes Easy/Complex Action Plan Category
MEETINGS, Weekly and Monthly Events
Resident meetings ALL I subdivided into the four main action categories:
Compost meetings ALL 1) D: Development Planning; future housing
Work Parties ALL 3) Land - garden, farm, maintenance, infrastructure
Potlucks ALL 4) STG - stewardship, governance, admin
Tours 1-2pm Saturday, by appt
Heart Circles ALL 2) FOM: Funding, Outreach and Membership
Show and Tell-Last Sunday of each month ALL
Nurture this village feel, the love, the passion, the upliftment ALL E STG
Co-create further intimacy and trust ALL E STG
Find $749,584 and perhaps a lot more to pay off land and continue building ALL C FOM
Set clear group goals, and timeline for fundraising plan for networking about fundraising drive E FOM
Fundraising steward? Do we need one? New
Fundraising strategy: agree and accountability tracking C FOM
Discuss Shannon's financial planning scenario (created Nov 29) E FOM
Establish Trust Fund (JIT)- Duplicate-see note JS Also in Administration Section C FOM, STG
Membership steward-Shannon SC E FOM
create strategy and action commitments to promote/advertise our membership drive/goals C FOM
Attract many others to invest in land and village C FOM
Advertize EcoReality SEEKING MEMBERS through online communities postings (at least 20 internationally) E FOM
review where ecoreality is currently advertising for members E FOM
"Re-connect with ""hot prospects"" in the past" E FOM
Recruitment packet completed C D, FOM
Create Rapsheet- finance/ownership/zoning/building statistics and future plans C STG
create succinct executive summary webpage - who we are, what we are doing, vision SAME AS RAPSHEET, RECRUITMENT PACK E FOM
Member Application procedure Refine application procedure questions as per Nov 30 meeting E FOM
Cost of membership Are we still discussing this? E FOM
Clean up member agreement C FOM
Write up new class of member shares (Supporter) JS Jan to do before end of Jan. C STG
Membership FAQ E FOM
Agree on Show and Tell strategic plan and actions for 2010 C FOM
more user-friendly shell website to address different learning styles and information streamlining C FOM
Assign each contact to a person responsible for maintaining that relationship E FOM
Presentation to Farmers Institute JS need to determine what priorities we have collectively for community farmland, Tuesday Jan 12 C LAND
Brainstorm programs for 2010 JC Weds meeting? Jan 5 E FOM
Co-create events with triple purpose: fundraising/outreach/education JS C FOM
Create events with outreach component (3 before summer) JS C FOM
promote ecoreality events in timely and cost effective way; large print posters, basics C FOM
Idea: Sustainability education public event in April (linked with open house, islanders and offisland appeal) (Ecological footprint?) Open house with guest speaker in April C FOM
Advertising for open house in April starts January E FOM
Put together a two-week Permaculture Design Course JS Jan to bring forward by mid Jan. Window of mid June to August C FOM, Land
Fundraising for T Bressen wknd SC SC to bring forward by end of Jan. C STG
Fundraising Event for Childcare and Playground Development-New SA SA to bring forward by end of Jan.
Appeal rejection of our Home Owner Tax Grant CW Contact by mid January if we haven't heard E STG
Complete Environmental Farm Plan JS two items: well casing and biodiesel containment concrete pad, What is the program? Does it still exist? Who is the contact?Carol will call by Jan 15th. E LAND
File changed rules with Victoria JS Contingent on new membership level. Could be sent by mid Febraury. E STG
Re-write SEEDS rules so it has a hope of getting charity status JS,SA, BM 20-40 hours of work. SEEDS needs to be maintained with AGM. Brenden will meet with Jan by Jan 10. Carol will send link. C STG
Annual Reports by Jan 15th ALL E STG
Establish Trust Fund (JIT)-Duplicate-see note JS Also in Fundraising Section. Costs money. Can happen quickly. Dependent on someone needing the service JIT. C FOM, STG
Clean up and agree on various web pages JS, CW Background activity. People can send pages at random to Jan and Carol. E STG
Car sharing agreement and agreement about bringing new vehicles on the property JS Nothing on carsharing agreements? Jan to place on agenda C LAND
File another grant for admin support money JS Funding cycle is next July. Other grants available too. Ideas by the end of February. Jan to put in agenda. C STG
Change our official address with Victoria JS, CW To be done with filing rule changes. See line53. E STG
Create terms of use agreement for Moby JC 2-Apr E STG
Make agreements about tractor and J&C's vehicles used for farm JS May 1st E STG
Create message spot at both houses for Rudy RS Up to Rudy by end of jan E STG
Childcare for EcoReality business-Fundraising for 50% SA End of Jan C STG
Creation of Childcare document SA, SC End of Jan C STG
Proposal for Apprenticeship program at EcoReality for 2010, 2013 BM, SC 2010 by Feb 1. C FOM
Advertise for apprentices Jan-Feb BM, SC End of Jan C FOM, LAND
create Terms of Use agreement for private animals (goats, chickens) (land, crop interactions, labour) SC May 1st C STG
Goats/chickens to be turned over to co-op? or lease agreement made? SC May 1st C STG
Agreements for future animals coming on site SC May 1st C LAND, STG
create agreement-how pers.businesses are enabled, supported, related to EcoReality on land SC May 1st C STG
create rubric or guidelines for assessing/agreeing to include types of personal businesses SC May 1st C STG
Discuss and agree re: Rezoning vs Farm worker housing JS End of Jan JS will put on agenda C D
Co-create a land use plan JS Include Permaculture zone and sector analysis, Tie into PDC. C D
Meet with George Ehring (Trustee) JS By Feb 15 D 1) D: Development Planning; future housing
Meet with Christine (Trustee) JS By Feb 15 C D
Meet with Justine (Planner) JS, SC By Feb 15 C D
Obtain a large-scale digital survey map JS By May E D
Create base map in Sketch-Up JS By May C D
Create straw-man housing on base map JS By May C D
Building guidelines JS What kind of housing, general siting and structure etc, by End of Feb C D
Outdoor kitchen JS Not necessary for PDC. Before next winter? C D
Build a Community Hall/commercial Kitchen/ JC, SA, JS, RS, BM Ongoing. by 2012 C D
Repair and maintain cistern BM Immediate? End of June. E LAND
Fix rear bucket for tractor JS 15-Feb E LAND
Find and install well casing BM End of June E LAND
Shop and Garage stewards one from each house? CW Need to write shop and garage steward page by end of Feb E LAND, STG
Establish agreements for shared tool use and maintenance CW End of Feb E LAND
Barn-organize and systematize tool identification, location and use agreement (Name Steward) CW May 1st C LAND
Garage - organize and systematize tool identification, location and use agreement (Name Steward) CW May 1st E LAND
Propose garden area stewardships and crops and management of shared tools/amendments SC March 1st C LAND
Organize and label garden tools CW March 1st E LAND
Storage for all equipment BM By 2012. Tarp by Jan 15. E LAND
Humanure system: sawdust toilets for houses SC, JS, RS, BM Proposal by March 1st-Shannon C D, LAND
Campground JC June 1st-campground ready to go C D, LAND
Biodiesel-Get production going again by recruiting and training some help BM 2010 before winter. C D, LAND
Outdoor showers JC By June 15th C D, LAND
Propose shared space plan for greenhouse for 2010 SC March 1st E LAND
Create new garden project page SC March 1st E STG, LAND
Itemized seed/materials budget for 2010 garden SC Feb 13 JIT for Seedy Saturday E LAND
build swales along nut orchard in fr lawn and run white house laundry/greywater there BM Before winter C LAND

Fundraising Brainstorm

Idea Points Given Notes
Stephen Cox 85
Professional Fundraiser 80 SC and BM contacts
Large Music Event 70 JC
Personal Contacts 65 Friends and family
Eckhart Tolle 45
Agritourism 40
Mo's book 35
Jeremy Fisher 32.5 w/Raffi
Raffi 32.5
CBC Interview 30 BM
Kid event 25 SA
Linda Popov 25
Jessie video 25
Slideshow 15 BM in Yukon
Slideshow 15 SC at UBC
"Simplicity and success" author 15
Robert Bateman 15
Market - street theatre 10
Reality TV 10
Bill Rees 10
Prostitution 5
Travelling slideshow 5
Dave Thomas 5
Randy Bachman 5
Theft 0
Oprah 0
Crop Circles 0
Weird public event, bid for Olympics 0
How to reach SSIers with $ 0
Host an eco-conference 0

Efficacy of fundraising strategies

Strategy (+) (-)
new members long term slow
liquidity lot of effort
heart commitment heartache
inviting contributions keeps us informed&energized likely to get small $
boundless flaky people
takes little energy
private loans non-member/resident conditions on loans
short term pressure off interest
alt to commercial investments long term pressure
community engagement
NGO publicity not timely
aligned w/values lot of effort
large sums potential
are pro fundraisers
membership to tap
holding events brings us together lot of effort/work
we're good at it low return ROI

—submitted by Shannon Cowan

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