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Sunday, 3 January 2010, Winter Retreat

From flip charts, transcribed by Carol.

Zones & Sectors

  • Permaculture: care for land, care for people, fair share
  • Divided area from whole
    • human perspective
    • edges
    • buildings
    • natural dividers, streams
    • climactic micro
  • Define a human contact gradient
  • Zones run from 1-5
  • 1-2
    • Distributing resources to allow for human food production
    • allowing for free movement between spaces
    • respect land’s integrity - don’t use it all
    • use land so it can well be used
    • respect for other creatures
    • assisting natural reproductive cycles
    • determining carrying capacity
    • outhouse shouldn’t be 1 hour away
    • kid’s recreation
    • animal care
    • food storage
  • 4-5
    • woodlots
    • predatory animals
    • mosses, lichens
    • wild crafting
    • treehouse
    • retreat - hideaway
    • wasabi, ginseng understory
    • supporting diversity

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