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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Monday, 30 November 2009, Member's Meeting

Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Dennis Lucarelli, Susie Anne Bartsch, Rudy Siegers,

  • Facilitator: Dennis
  • Recorder: James
  • Meeting starts 9:44am
  • Check in
    • Agenda Approved
    • approve October 26 member’s meeting minutes
    • Discuss Starhawk funds allocation.
      • Jan suggests putting it into class A shares for land purchase fund. It will help us raise the thermometers.
      • Shannon suggests allocating the funds towards the Tree Bressen facilitation series in July. Also questions profit center accounting and what happens when you move money from one profit center to another.
        • Jan- there was no agreement made about what to do with Tree Bressen funds and this money doesn’t have a “home” at this time.
      • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Shannon Cowan Shannon will present Tree Bressen budget and business model by Dec 21. (Shannon Cowan)
      • AGREED- $500 will be allocated from the Starhawk profit to the land purchase and the remainder will be allocated to the operating funds.
    • Reminder for someone to attend the Islands Trust Soil Bylaw Open House] (tonight! 6pm-9pm).
      • SA will drop in between her other commitments this evening. Dennis is a maybe, Jan is a maybe. Rudy will go along as well.
    • Stewards' council
      • Jan- Communications are 3-5 queries per week, possible WWOOFer in January.
      • Jan- Land use planning- We should have clear title on 43 acres but we haven’t seen it in writing yet. Neighbouring land is not handed to Farmer’s Institute yet due to 3 Point’s Isabella Point development delays.
      • Shannon- Group process going well. Work to do to bring Tree Bressen workshop here. Wants to combine education, group process and programs! Wants to present what has been gleaned from Tree Bressen series. Very open to feedback and discussion about group process.
      • Carol- Finances- Invitation to form a committee to look at the proposed budget for 2010 to be presented Dec 8. SA and Jan will work with Carol on the budget.
        • Farm steward- would like to get 2 more ducks.
          • It was pointed out that ducks are her own endeavor and this topic is deferred to the farm meeting.
      • James- Program steward. Winter retreat planning. Help Shannon with Tree Bressen planning.
        • Shannon comment- Everyone work on guest speaker ideas and present ideas to James.
      • Susie Anne- Childcare steward. Items are in the budget. Possibly some fundraiser ideas for covering childcare and playground.
      • SA work party steward. Provide lunch for work parties. It is in the budget.
      • Newsletter ideas:
        • Theme is Reflection, Review and Revisiting. SA, Denis will write articles. Newsletter will come out sporadically, ideally when the thermometer moves. Dec 8 is the deadline for articles.
      • Who will attend ING meeting?(1)
        • 6pm Wed at Bruce’s Kitchen. Dennis, Jan, Carol yes.
    • Turn in member time sheets(1)
      • All time sheets are in through October. Please have November in by Dec 15.
    • Review last month's ACTION items including (but not limited to):
      • Dennis: Proposed Form that can be used for a trade/harvest agreement Talk:EcoReality_external_trade_guidelines(3)
        • Item is there for suggested use.
        • Importance here is to be clear with your agreements and make sure that both parties are clear.
    • Break for 7 mins.
      • Dennis: Discuss modifying the Membership Application_procedure question re: 'arrest history' into a question about 'criminal conviction.' Talk:Application_procedure(3)
        • Discussion ensued.
          • Will be left how it is. No formal agreement needed.
      • Request agreement regarding James R's offer of a loan.
        • Discussion ensued. We referenced Tree’s email and discussed our options. Would it be a good idea to brainstorm our non-negotiables now before signing onto a loan?
        • Level check was mostly medium.
        • NOT AGREED- We will not be borrowing money from James R. as per the proposed terms. Concerns expressed by those either blocking or standing aside:
          • The insistence on a fixed term with no possibility of pre-payment is contrary to one of our core values (freedom from external debt), warranting a "principled objection" to the request.
          • It felt heavy-handed, like a "take it our leave it" deal, rather than a negotiation among friends.
          • Our Advisor Tree Bressen, who founded the model we would like to use (the Walnut Street Co-op Community Revolving Loan Fund) was consulted, and she said that none of the many loans they were offered had any pre-payment penalty, and that they might not have taken those that did have such a clause.
        • ACTION: [x] Jan will inform James R. of our failure to agree and the objections cited. (Jan Steinman)
      • 2010 monthly themes and schedule got forgotten? —
        • There is an action item for this already. Add to next week’s meeting.
  1. 10:20 New business
    • Reminder- Do bathroom/health break halfway through meeting.
    • Agreed to go overtime to 11:45am.
    • Present draft 2010 budget (as agreed upon in 2009 winter retreat).(10)
      • There will be a budget presentation on Dec 8.
    • Discuss monthly topic (Strategy and Planning)(10)
      • Not discussed in this meeting.
    • Discuss proposed December EcoReality produce sales by Shannon (garlic and fresh carrots, greens):
      • Shannon will pick and process some, Carol would like some to store, Rudy will take a few raw.
      • How much garlic would all rez like to have on reserve for their consumption in 2010? Would all please tell Shannon their family/household needs at this meeting?
      • 6 lbs of "good, selected" large disease-free garlic cloves remain - planting is complete! These are cracked, so should be consumed in the next 1-2 months, or peeled and frozen.
      • some elephant garlic, solo garlic and other saleable garlic remains in community pantry (amounts unknown, variable)
      • Shannon would like to offer some garlic sales (yoga students, SSI community list)
      • Shannon wants to give some of the garlic to Laura next door. What amount might be feasible to sell and give at this stage
      • White house has plenty. Planting is done and there are some cracked already.
        • Food policy will be added to a future meeting by SA or Shannon to discuss how much residents pay for food for use or value added.
        • Shannon will sell some and leave some as well. Shannon will label clearly.
    • Discuss workparty before Dec 15 to move woodshed that is being donated by Christopher Roy
      • Shannon will discuss offline for scheduling and group.
    • Discuss this weekend’s work party. Moby, workshop, garage organize.
    • James and SA will discuss work party hours and duties.
    • Dan will come and stay Sat night and stay in Yellow house. Leaving Sunday evening.
    • Shannon coordinating meals for the weekend.
    • Those who choose to send SA’s invitation to people they know for people this weekend to come and help.
    • Discuss new class of member shares, ("Supporter") that would allow people to buy certain products at a discount
      • Jan proposes new class of shares with clearly defined rights and guidelines. This would enable people to buy farm products at the best rate we’re willing to give them. These people could attend AGM but not be part of decision making.
      • “Supporter” was discussed as an appropriate title.
      • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Jan Steinman Jan will create a wiki page and make proposal to the group for Supporter Membership class by Dec 15. (Jan Steinman)
    • Discuss January WWOOFer.
      • Coming Jan 1. Will stay for 2 weeks and see how it goes.
    • Briefly review schedules- Travel, videoconference dates, changes to potlucks etc.
  2. 10:50 Closing
    • Confirm facilitator and recorderfor next meeting
      • Jan will Facilitate next quarter.
      • SA will be Recorder for next quarter.
    • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation

Meeting adjourned at 11:55am.

These minutes submitted by James Cowan 00:46, 8 December 2009 (UTC)

Monday, 30 November 2009, Farm Meeting

Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Shannon Cowan

The issue of replacing the 2 ducks that were lost to predators, was discussed. It was agreed that Carol would get replacements for the 2 ducks, one drake and one hen. It was also agreed that the ducks would become the property of the co-op and that Carol would become the Duck Steward. The ducks cost $15 each. The co-op will reimburse Carol for the original hen left and the co-op will pay for the 2 new ducks out of the farm budget, for a total of $45.00. There will be an ongoing agreement with the farm team for their management.

Farm team meeting minutes by Carol.

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