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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Monday, 16 November 2009, Resident's Meeting

Present: Carol Wagner, James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Susie Anne Bartsch

  • Facilitator: Shannon
  • Recorder: James
  • Meeting starts 9:34am
  • Check in
  • Agenda approved
  1. Discussion: commit proceeds from Starhawk Event 2009 to land purchase fundJan
    • Discussion about Tree Bressen workshop and need for fundraising.
    • Tabled until later meeting.
  2. Someone to attend the Islands Trust Soil Bylaw Open House at 6PM on Monday, the 30th — Jan
    • Shannon will go on Nov 30 to Artspring.
  3. Discuss possibility of Susie Anne's use of the "Ikea" building for a studio space, location, etc
    • SA suggested withdrawing her request. Her desire for the building is for personal use and not with community compromises.
    • Request is still on the table. Item needs to be put on a future agenda.
  4. Discussion of "barn" and "garage" indoor areas:
    • Presentation of vision for usage by Jan/Carol (10)
    • Clarifying questions and discussion (10)
    • What's next - taking action together to create vision (10
    • Recap on discussions. Barn and Garage not used for storage. Instead, they are used for workshop space and tool storage (items to be used in the workshop).
    • Carol- Clarification on whose space it is. J&C are vested in the building and there are layers of agreements for different residents for storage and use. Carol requests that stuff does not keep appearing in the building without prior discussion with J&C.
    • SA- How does future vesting look in reality if J&C are not vested in the buildings? Has transition to future vesting been contemplated?
      • Carol- Spaces will probably still have intended use, it’s not so much whose stuff is in there.
      • Question about paying for storage. Suggestion that JC & SA(or others) possibly steward organization of spaces as energetical exchange of storage space.
      • James suggests 2-3 day work party of shop/garage/moby cleanout and reorganize.
      • Shannon talked about the building being a microcosm of what we are doing and this can be an opportunity for us to work together.
      • ACTION: [x] James Cowan James will talk to Jan and schedule a work party for organizing shop, garage and Moby. (James Cowan)
  5. Discussion on how we can identify our current EcoReality group priorities and get actions going on them (7

Check out

Meeting adjourned at 10:45am.

These minutes submitted by James Cowan 19:29, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

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