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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009, Resident's Meeting

Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Shannon Cowan, Susie Anne Bartsch, Rudy Siegers,

  • Facilitator: Susie Anne
  • Recorder: Shannon
  • Meeting starts 9:31am
  • Check in
  • Agenda approved
  • Delayed approval of Nov 2 minutes until change to Memorandum is made explicit.
  • ACTION: [x] Jan Steinman will add the exact wording for change to Co-Op Memorandum to minutes of Nov 2 with James as minute taker informed. (Jan Steinman)
  • Class B share discussion
    • Jan introduced the idea of issuing Class B shares to people who donate money to EcoReality
    • Discussion included clarifying that class B is non redeemable, unless co-operative makes a special resolution to do so
    • Class B shares, if issued, mean that the money coming to EcoReality in that fashion need not be reported as income for taxation
    • All present agreed with pursuing this as an option
  • Consumer share class discussion
    • Jan introduced idea to create a new class of shares that would not be investment shares
    • Consumer comes from the idea that these shares would not be redeemable as either or the two investment share classes, yet their purchase would allow shareholders to have more perks, such as: discounted pricing for farm products/produce
    • Jan suggested this may support a structure for turnover of goats to co-op ownership and purchasers of goat milk products would be consumer shareholders (which legalizes their involvement with the farm? - unsure minute taker's take on the discussion notes)
  • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Jan Steinman will write a proposal for class B shares issued in Land purchase fund drive and he will establish a timeline for the creation of consumer share class and write a proposal on wiki for new consumer share class. (Jan Steinman)
  • ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will check with Brenden regarding ability and willingness to attend all or portion November Member's Meeting by teleconf or videoconf to facilitate approval of the class B shares and consumer share class items that require special resolution of all members. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
  • Introduced the intent to discuss Labour policy revision on Nov 16th
    • Discussed having all comments on the Talk page of this policy or submitted to Dennis by Nov 16th
    • Shannon will print hard copy for Rudy
    • Discussion ensued and group present today suggests that this item has some main "chunks" that require group discussion and not simply figuring it all out on the computer (we did not identify these areas in the meeting today, but Shannon's email to Dennis sent to rez email list Nov 9 identified a few in list format)
  • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan Shannon will work (with Dennis together as facilitation team) to craft a meeting format for discussing Labour policy agreement at the meeting of Nov 23 to achieve the desire expressed in the group to make it simpler, easy to explain and understand and encompassing the needs of all different types of residents and members. (Shannon Cowan)
  • Property tax discussion:
    • Carol presented the split for the residences based on the same percentage each pays on insurance.
    • Shannon will work with Carol to ensure that white house property tax owing to EcoReality is split between the Cowans and Bartsch-Lamrock clans according to same split for vesting structure
  • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan Shannon and Susie Anne will discuss white house property tax split and pay EcoReality back by end November. (Shannon Cowan)
  • The little green building discussion
    • Susie Anne introduced topic and request to use the space for personal studio
    • Discussion included getting all voices to describe their view of the best uses for the space for highest good of EcoReality
    • Rudy and Shannon expressed they saw use for it as housing/sleeping quarters for potential members, guests and apprentices
    • Carol pointed out apprentices stay in tents/trailers/VVGogh or indoors in really bad weather and that it would take a lot of work to make that safe enough for winter sleeping
    • Jan proposed we could craft an agreement for SA to have exclusive use for a period of time, to be revisited in late spring/or when the Bartsch-Lamrock clan gets another trailer/RV family personal space they've expressed is coming for them
    • Shannon raised how this could be storage space
    • Jan suggested we have enough storage space for needs, but poorly organized (Jan was heard to have stated "Clutter is bad" later at the farm meeting and I put it forth here for the record :)
  • Comings and goings:
    • Jan and Carol to Victoria Wednesday Nov 11 with Judi to airport
    • Brenden leaving for Yukon Nov 11
    • Jason leaving Nov 11
    • Andrew here for Nov 10 only from Seven Ravens
    • James returns Nov 11 late eve
    • Dennis returns Nov 18
  • Work party loosely planned for Friday 9:30 am

Meeting adjourned at 10:20am.

These minutes submitted by Shan 22:01, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

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