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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Monday, 02 November 2009, member's Meeting

Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Dennis Lucarelli, Morris Lamrock, Susie Anne Bartsch, Rudy Siegers,

  • Facilitator: Dennis
  • Recorder: James
  • Meeting starts 9:36am
  • Check in
  • Agenda approved
  1. Approved Oct 19 minutes.
  2. Discuss change to Coop Memorandum to support Home Owner Grant
    • Background- There is a discount if a home owner lives in the house they own. We have been denied due to our mission not stating that we provide housing to the members (owners).
      • APPROVED- Changes to the Coop Memorandum which is the co-op memorandum and Purpose statement. (NOTE- This was a Special Resolution item)
  3. Discuss proposed new resident (Ileas)
    • We are interested in people who are interested in the Ecovillage as opposed to renters. Rudy will pass the message on to Ileas to come by for a discussion with J&C about renting and/or membership.
  4. Discuss changes in the tool shed
    • It has been observed that certain tools have not been put back in their places. Request to put tools back where they belong and if you put in some new tools please let Carol know so she can help find a home.
    • BM- Suggestion for moving tools to the new covered area and hang tools on the wall.
    • Shannnon- Expand floor space footprint, more labeling. Excited for off season organization. Twinkles all around.
    • Jan- Same principles in the garage.
    • James- System not clear. Looks forward to new system.
    • Jan- Echos that we need new standard for how tools are organized. Let’s label and outline!
    • Shannon requests orientation for toolshed by Carol.
    • Whole group will tour the new woodshed area today and look at possibilities for the new covered woodshed space.
    • ACTION: [x] Carol Wagner Carol will organize and label toolshed and give an orientation to the rest of the group. (Carol Wagner)
  5. Discuss Thursday evening classroom rental- Community Ed
    • James will not be on site on Thursday and there is a Community Ed class in the classroom. The instructor (Jean Claude) isn’t as familiar as the past instructor so may need some orientation and support with getting acclimatized with the facility.
  6. SA- feedback about Saturday potluck and having new guest.
    • Great invitation to open up discussions about EcoReality, our history and some structure.
    • Felt easy and inclusive. Graceful and fun.
    • Some of us have the expectation that interested people will pepper us with questions about EcoR and have a list of what they want to know. This is often not the case and starting the conversation about EcoR could often be a great catalyst for discussion.
    • Note- keep it natural and fun (like it was) rather than the discussion opener contrived and assigned to a person.
    • Group responsibility for vibe check. Meeting people where they are at and relating to them.
    • Reminder to be mindful of the possibilities in each visitor.
    • Invite people to make another time to come to the farm for a focused discussion over tea or a goat walk.
    • Debrief after each contact. Who knew them? How did it go? Did they get an invite?
  7. Discussion on the to do list was brief. Did not go over the whole list.
    • Tuesday evening 6:30pm for abundance ceremony at Yellow house.
  8. Arrivals/departures. Dennis and Michael are moving across the road to the Studio. Dennis plans to complete quarter as Facilitator and spend some time here hanging out with us all.

Meeting adjourned at 10:42am.

These minutes submitted by James Cowan 23:11, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

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