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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Monday, 26 October 2009, Member's Meeting

Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Dennis Lucarelli, Morris Lamrock,

  1. Facilitator: Dennis
  2. Recorder: James
  3. Meeting starts 9:36am
  4. Check in
  5. Agenda approved
  6. approved September 27 minutes (Brenden hasn’t seen them)
  7. Old business
    • Stewards' council
      • Shannon- Group Process- Compost meetings on Fridays. Ecology- doing observation and keen to put together as plan for permaculture site design. Does not need budget for Ecology Stewardship (not a priority stewardship for 2010?). Group process might need budget for hosting Tree Bressen’s workshop in summer 2010 (previously agreed upon).
      • Jan- Communication Steward- still fielding inquiries from various people with various degrees of interest in the co-op. Land Use Planning- Farmer’s institute meeting on Nov 17 we will give a presentation.
      • Carol- Will email reports to everyone after meeting.
      • James- Program Steward.
    • ACTION: [x] James Cowan James will instigate discussion about programs for 2010 and a debrief about programs for 2009 (James Cowan)
      • Present first draft of budget 2010
        • Carol will provide actuals for 2009.
        • All budget requests to Carol by November 16. Budget will be presented on November 30. Budget will be approved in December 28 members meeting.
        • Jan noted that we are missing guest speaker steward. Brenden Morris nominated SA to take over this stewardship.
        • ACTION: [x] Dennis Lucarelli Dennis will assign 2010 themes, taking content from theme brainstorm (Dennis Lucarelli)
      • Newsletter ideas: TBD
        • Theme- Strategy and planning. Brenden Morris nominates SA to write an article. Carol will write a page about ducks which hatches two birds with one egg as it’s another item on her to do list.
      • Who will attend ING meeting Wed Nov 4, 2009?
        • Dennis may go depending on family emergencies. Brenden Morris and Rudy will go. Brenden Morris nominates SA to go too. Jan is a maybe.
    • Turn in member time sheets
      • Discuss deadline for timesheet submission to bring each member up to date (5) Shan 19:44, 19 October 2009 (UTC)
        • Carol sent out updated timesheet status.
        • Shannon suggests a deadline of submitting timesheets with a penalty if not submitted.
        • Clarification question from Brenden Morris- Is there a spreadsheet template? Answer- yes there is. Carol requests it to be printed off and inserted into the binder.
        • APPROVED (with sideways thumb from James) All hours from 2007 onward will be submitted to the binder (with notification to Carol) by November 15, 2009. Any outstanding hours will be collected at $15 per hour.
        • James voiced opinions about the current policy and system. In his opinion it does not feel encouraging. Wants to take a step back and see why it’s not working rather than force it to work.
        • Last word from Dennis- Let’s clean up this one way or the other so that it’s clear for current members and members to come.
    • ACTION: [x] Jan Steinman Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (Jan Steinman)
    • ACTION: [x] Carol Wagner Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (Carol Wagner)
    • ACTION: [x] James Cowan Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (James Cowan)
    • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (Shannon Cowan)
    • Review last month's ACTION items
      • TABLED
  8. 11:00 New business
    • Reminder- Do bathroom/health break halfway through meeting.
      • DONE
    • Committees and stewards submit budgets for 2010 (as agreed upon in 2009 Winter retreat).
      • Discussed above
    • Discuss 2010 winter retreat
      • James will steward and ask for requests for topics.
      • Proposed dates are January 3 in the morning not heavy and fun and involving kids. Jan 4-6 will be full retreat topic days.
    • Justin's email discussion (10) — Jan Steinman 08:12, 26 October 2009 (UTC)
      • Letter was discussed. James will deliver a response letter on Tuesday when he visits them.
    • Land purchase fund drive discussion (10) — Jan Steinman 11:28, 26 October 2009 (UTC)
      • Discussion about the webpage, the buy a tree program etc.
      • Post discussion page items by end of day tomorrow (November 27, 2009)
    • Discuss EcoReality External Trade Guidelines (5)Shan 03:59, 19 October 2009 (UTC)
    • Discuss monthly topic
      • Facilitation and consensus. Shannon shared her thoughts about doing the Tree Bressen series. Nods around the room that the consensus process is working. Shannon reaffirmed that she will submit some notes and materials from the Tree Bressen series.
      • Recapped the enjoyment of the Sunday show and tell meeting where we discussed items in detail.
    • Briefly review schedules- Travel, videoconference dates, changes to potlucks etc.
  9. 11:45 Closing
    • See ical. Judi Binns coming tomorrow. Possible WWOOFer Jason Sneed to be discussed in farm meeting.
    • Confirm facilitator and recorderfor next meeting
    • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
  10. 12:00 Adjourn, continue discussions while preparing for potluck.* Approved last week's minutes.

These minutes submitted by James Cowan 19:43, 26 October 2009 (UTC)

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