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Tuesday, 28 July 2009, Residents' Meeting

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Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Morris Lamrock, Dennis Lucarelli, & Gretchen Contreras

  • Meeting called to order: 09:45 am
  • All Check-in
  • Agenda approved.
    • Jul 21 Rez meeting minutes approved
    • Discussion and request to discontinue telecon meetings
      • Brendan: rather not have regular member meetings and just have a special meeting when needed.
      • Jan: frustrated with the lack of face-to-face that occurs in telecon, prefers face to face.
      • Rudy: telecon shifts focus to hearing the speakers’ voices rather than the content; would rather not sit in on telecoms.
      • Dennis: prefer to discontinue telecons, allow remote participation when needed
    • Definition of member in good standing, proposed revisions.
      • Jan has made the changes as previously agreed at previous meeting.
    • Graduated series of consequences.
      • Jan has made the changes as previously agreed at previous meeting and notes that Shannon has made considerable changes/additions on the discussion page many of which he (Jan) has incorporated to clarify the discussion and urges all to take a look at that page
      • Jan notes that Shannon has almost completely revised the four pages ([[process and communication guidelines, conflict resolution protocol, third party confidentiality, and compassionate communication). There are three brand new pages and one that’s been entirely replaced, and therefore, suggests that we each read and understand these before the next meeting when they will be considered and, hopefully, an agreement can be reached.
    • Discussion about creating an EcoReality land trust for the purpose of reducing risk for prospective member-investors to committing funds to securing our land. (5th notice)
      • Jan: Please everyone become familiar by reading the page and perhaps also informal chats with the Requestor (Jan) or the Commenter (Shannon) and others. Then, at the next earliest opportunity, as a group we can clarify remaining points paving the way to approve or discard the proposal.
    • Discussion about timing for redemption of Mark and Penny's Class A investment shares in EcoReality (4th notice) -Shan
      • Jan: Carol has promised to prepare a concise financial impact statement.
      • Brendan: Asked for clarification of some issues that were brought up at earlier meeting that he was unable to attend.
      • Jan: Everyone please read up and/or have informal clarifying discussions before the next meeting so that the discussion can efficiently proceed to what agreement we may reach about this issue.
    • Discussion of proposal to change Coop_rules/16_Directors/Change_to_Rule_85 (10th notice)— Jan.
      • Further details were clarified and discussed.
      • Dennis: Jan, Shannon and me (Dennis) have already fully studied this proposal and recommended approval at a prior meeting based on this change being non-controversial, moreover, this change being needed to pave the way for developing agreements about what responsibilities will be exercised by Directors. To state it differently, this change will create a structure for Director exercise of their duties, and their specific responsibilities will be fleshed out later.
      • Item continued to next meeting, hopefully for final agreement.
  • Review arrivals/departures, guests and apprentices:
    • Visit/presentation by Paula and Robert LaPorte last Saturday and their coming to dinner yesterday evening (Monday). We liked them, feeling good about their potential as collaborators in building the community, and noted with happiness Robert’s stated desire to be involved in building a community space.
    • Other visitors this week (Marvin, Alana), see iCal or last minutes
    • Vince Schwendt and Debra Shapiro, they are a solar energy/design professional and “green” realtor, respectively.
  • Review of garden and farm issues – will be done immediately after the close of this meeting.
  • Confirm facilitator for next meeting: Shannon. Recorder: Carol.
  • Check-out: 10:45am
  • Next meeting: 9:30am Tuesday, August 4, Yellow House, facilitator will be Shannon, recorder will be Carol.
  • Check out 10:30.

Dennis 11:25, 28 July 2009 (UTC)

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