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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Friday, 17 July 2009, Members' Teleconference

<--previous teleconference meeting

Meeting called to order at 19:08

Present: Shannon Cowan, Dennis Lucarelli, Osha Roller, Justin Roller, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.

Facilitator: Shannon Cowan

Recorder: Jan Steinman

  1. Check In:
  2. Agenda approved.
  3. Last teleconference minutes approved.
  4. Formal request for approval of Shannon's communication model, with some recent changes Shan 23:59, 5 July 2009 (UTC) - 10 minutes
    • Concerns:
      • Dennis: Table of meeting types no longer seems relevant.
      • Jan: Lack of completeness; "red links" in an agreement -- what exactly are we agreeing to?
    • ACTION: [x] Shannon will move information that is not directly a part of the agreement "Shannon's communication model" to the discussion tab and will resolve red links. (Shannon Cowan)
    • AGREED: Shannon's communication model, with requested changes.
      • Stand aside: Jan would prefer that such things be not agreed with huge pending changes, rather that they be cleaned up and re-submitted for agreement.
    • Jan: request that, though this is agreed, that Shannon put it on another agenda when her changes are complete.
  5. Discussion about timing for redemption of Mark and Penny's Class A investment shares in EcoReality -Shan 04:27, 16 July 2009 (UTC) 10 min
    • Justin: redeem their shares immediately.
    • Osha: feels wrong to keep their money.
    • Carol: redemption in one year ill-advised.
    • Carol: suggestion: set aside funds in a TD and pay them back later with interest.
    • Dennis: concerned that such a situation is an added complexity that could create legal problems.
    • Jan: follow the written agreement, and redeem shares as soon as we are certain we no longer need the money, but no earlier, and with no interest.
    • Justin: doesn't believe that $10k will affect if we make $800,000 or not, so shares should be redeemed immediately.
    • Shannon: sees both sides.
    • Deferred to the 26 July Members' Meeting.
  6. Discussion and request for definition of good standingJan Steinman - 5min
  7. Request for 50 Class A shares for Jan for piano for the classroom (2nd discussion) — Jan - 5 min
    • Jan: question is whether EcoReality wants to own this piano.
    • Justin: concern that this should be Class B shares instead.
    • Jan: Class B shares are for donation of stuff people already own. Residents had previously agreed to have a piano in the classroom, and Jan had agreed to find one.
    • AGREED: EcoReality will issue 50 Class A shares to Jan Steinman for the piano.
  8. Discussion about creating an EcoReality land trust for the purpose of reducing risk for prospective member-investors to committing funds to securing our land. (2nd discussion)— Jan - 15 min
  9. IN CAMERA discussion of property purchase closing strategy. — Jan - (10)
    • Since this discussion is about strategic negotiations in a competitive situation, this is an exception to our radical transparency policy, and is not recorded.
    • Discussion will continue at the 26 July Members' Meeting, as originally planned.
  10. Request acknowledgement that the agreement to bank hours for time that Jan and Carol spend completing the purchase of 2152/2172 Fulford-Ganges Road continues in effect through the period allowed to complete the sale, one year after registration of title. — Jan (5)
    • Shannon: is there any dissent that Jan should continue to accrue hours according to the existing agreement to bank hours?
    • Shannon: none heard, the existing agreement continues until all terms of the property sales agreement are complete.
  11. Discussion of proposal to change Coop_rules/16_Directors/Change_to_Rule_85 (7th discussion) — Jan - 15 min
  12. Feedback - Roses and Suggestions
    • All: good meeting, no suggestions mentioned.
  13. Verify next teleconference date, time, facilitator, and recorder.
    • Facilitator for next Member’s Meeting is Jan.
    • Facilitator for next teleconference is Shannon
    • Recorder for next Member’s Meeting and teleconference is Carol.
  14. Check-out.
  15. Adjourned at 20:09

— Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman

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