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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Aug 16 Eco-Living Tour Meeting Minutes

Time: July 16 10am-12pm Facilitator: Shannon Recorders: Shannon and Susie Anne Information/Background:

  • This is organized by Earth Festival Society and proceeds go to their organization
  • 10am-4pm is expected timing
  • Tour to sites around island is self-guided
  • We were selected to allow for two “homeless” projects to be set up on our site as well as to frame the “social” aspects of sustainable/eco-living that ecoreality can demonstrate.

Q:What do we want to show? A: Brainstorm:

  • Site tours @ specific times (garden/livestock) (4 votes)
  • Biodiesel (3 votes)
  • Farmstand (1 vote)
  • Kid activities and childcare (2 votes)
  • Story board: “week in the life of” (3 votes)
  • Welcoming/gathering space (no votes- given)
  • Drawing or graphic of future vision (3 votes)
  • Taking input/feedback from participants (5 votes)
  • Experience how we make things happen (part of others)
  • Permaculture F.A.Q. (5 votes)

Questions for Jan to find out from tour organizers:

  • Do we need to pay to go on the tour ourselves?
  • What is exact timing of start and finish for the tour?
  • Will they provide a sign for the end of drive or do we need to make one?


  • Jan to advertise our tour times: 10 am-11 am and 1pm-2pm for site tours. 11:30-12noon and 2:30-3pm for Biodiesel.

Gathering place/welcoming: ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will steward Eco-Living Tour gathering place organization and items - see list in minutes Jul 16 meeting of Eco-Living (Susie Anne)

  • Set up table at door of classroom facing field. Staff it.
  • Brochures available by request
  • Business cards set out on table
  • Flowers in vase
  • Table cloth
  • Donation jar
  • Refreshments – sun tea (up to SA)

Site tour ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will steward signage for "tour starts here" and times of tours 10 am and 1pm for aug 16 ecoliving tour (Susie Anne)

  • Tours sections:
  • Opening/closure: BMO
  • full loop walk – Jan
  • goats/chickens – Carol
  • garden – Carol

Biodiesel: ACTION: [x] Jan Steinman will prep and steward biodiesel station and tours for Aug 16 ecoliving tour (Jan Steinman)

  • Times 11:30 am and 2:30pm
  • Location: @ veggie van gogh with the awning pulled out (editor’s note: will this impinge traffic in road at the corner of goat field?)

Parking: steward either Rudy or Dennis

  • Behind classroom to South of Rudy’s

Permaculture FAQ: ACTION: [x] Dennis Lucarelli will create a permaculture FAQ display for the ecoliving tour (with support from Jan) (Dennis Lucarelli)

  • To be mounted outdoors with other storyboard and feedback materials or in classroom, weather dependent

Map ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will mount map in classroom before ecoliving tour and move back at takedown (Susie Anne)
. Vision and Mission ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan will write vision and mission for ecoliving tour on Jan's large paper (Shannon)
. Feedback page:

  • “What do you want to see here?” in large letters on large paper

ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan will create feedback page for ecoliving tour on Jan's large paper (Shannon)
. Story board: ACTION: [x] Morris Lamrock will make "week in the life of" poster on Jan's large paper for Aug 16 ecoliving tour and mount it (Morris Lamrock)

  • Hand drawn graphics
  • Photos?

Signage: ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will make signs for ecoliving tour: schedule of tours, upcoming events, intro to the two homeless projects and directions to those (Susie Anne)

  • INFO (or start here) -SA
  • Schedule of tours on board/flipchart - SA
  • Upcoming events handout and/or poster - SA
  • Directions and intro to the 2 homeless projects: “100 sq foot homes” and “electric bicycles” - SA
  • Eco living tour – depends if they provide (Dennis?)
  • Signage for parking on driveway – Carol

Site prep: ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will steward Aug 14 workparty to prepare for ecoliving tour (Susie Anne)

  • Work party :put away hoses, tidying
  • watering driveway (or chipping) – Dennis or Rudy,
  • Walkie talkies (James, Jan)

ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will clean and maintain portapotty for ecoliving tour aug 16 (Susie Anne)
. Next meeting:

  • Following rez meeting on Tuesday Aug 11th at 10:30 am – facilitated by Susie Anne

Shan 14:46, 19 July 2009 (UTC)

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