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Monday, 13 July 2009, Residents' Meeting

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Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Susie Anne Bartsch, Shannon Cowan, Morris Lamrock, Dennis Lucarelli

  • Meeting called to order: 19:18 pm
  • All Check-in
  • Agenda read out loud and approved.
  • Jun 28 Rez meeting minutes not approved
    • It was agreed that if we approve of a woofer, it is OK for them to stay more than 2 weeks.
    • It is requested that application from Michael & Amanda to woofer here be scanned for any reasons to not accept them. Please let Jan know of any concerns.
    • The hay barn needs a new roof and Carol will find and repair the damaged market tent roof and replace worn out roof to keep hay dry.
    • ACTION: [x] Carol Wagner Carol will set up an ICal tab for scheduling the use of Sunshine. (Carol Wagner)
    • Eco-Living tour meeting - Thursday (7/16) morning from 10-12
      • Chris Scott will be erecting an 8 X 12 structure and it will be on loan until SEEDS gets Charity status or he will take Class B shares for it. Brendan (Morris) may have a trailer to build the structure on. Further discussion on sighting and usage will be at the Eco-Living Tour meeting.
    • Brendan (Morris) has apologized for bring a motorcycle on site without asking for approval. Approved by consensus.
    • Jan is asking for volunteers for data entry of hours. Brendan (Morris) offered help, as well as Susie Anne in October. It was agreed to table this for now.
    • The larger irrigation from the reservoir is up and running. Gavin is coming Tuesday morning to pressurize the lawn to mark sprinkler heads. All available hands are needed to help.
    • Garlic harvest/storage - A tarp has been placed temporarily over the wood shed roof to accommodate the drying and when dry, will be stored in the cellar in the yellow house after a system is made to hang there.
    • Brendan (M) and Susie Anne are going to Victoria on Thursday to bring some long stored "stuff" back on Saturday, quantity unknown. It will not require any addition storage space.
    • Resident meeting times have been changed from Sunday evenings to Tuesday's @ 9:30 AM. The girls will be starting school soon, so that there will not be a need for baby sitting.
    • The first "Compost" meeting will be held this Tuesday evening. The subject is Conscious Language. It will be in the classroom @ 7 pm.
    • Arrivals/Departures:
      • Susie Anne is going to the Yukon on the 21st for 1 week. Brendan & Jessie will leave about the 28th to meet up with Susie Anne in Kamloops. All will return about the 4th of Aug
      • Shannon away from 23rd to 29th.
      • Jan's Mom (Shirley), sister (Gret) & niece (Espi) will be arriving on Saturday and staying for 3 weeks.
  • Next meeting confirmed for July 21st. facilitator is Shannon and recorder is Carol.
  • Check out 20:15

Shan 04:37, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

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