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Friday, 5 June 2009, Teleconference

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  • Called to order at 19:07 after waiting for others to arrive
  • Topic: Dennis’ work on provisional membership procedures at other ecovillages
    • Shannon asked Dennis to summarize what he learned from doing this that he can bring to bear on our current provisional membership proposal (ie. changing our procedure)?
    • Dennis told us he learned that a team of people working on this is needed; he has seen such variability, thinks that we need to justify our changes and choose them carefully to suit us and know why we are making such choices…there is a lot of information in the collective IC body out there.
    • Dennis answered query about amount of detail and explained that there could be more
    • Morris suggests calling Twin Oaks to get rationale for their process..he has been there for 3 week period and values their wisdom
  • Checkout:
    • Morris: enjoyed the brief checkin
    • James – surprised that others forgot meeting, but present
    • Dennis – 9 – has headache, grateful that read materials
    • Shannon – 10 – grateful to Dennis, willing to be on membership team, appreciate meeting briefly on this topic
    • SA – 10 -
  • Susie Anne proposed we reschedule to next Friday June 12th
  • Recorder’s note: Just realized after call that EcoReality is doing onsite evening program with group from SFU at that time, so rescheduling for June 10th might be more feasible @ 1900?

Shan 02:25, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

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