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Sunday, 31 May 2009, Members' Meeting

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Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Justin Roller, James Cowan, Osha Roller, Susie Anne Bartsch, Shannon Cowan, Mark Stiffler, Dennis Lucarelli, Rudy Siegers

  • Meeting called to order: 10:04 am
  • Susie Anne is facilitator and Shannon is recorder for this meeting.
  • Opener and Check-in
  • Old business
  • Agenda approved
  • Mark requested that Process Team turn recent email communications into a meeting theme for another time. Process team will do that.
  • April 26 minutes approved
  • Stewards' council
    • Communications – events team met today, plan in place for marketing next 4 months, still lots joining Advisory email list (tripled since having a sign up place)
    • Land Use Planning – subdivision almost complete, not much else to report
    • Food and Menu planning – simple, revisiting same weekend menus seems to work, now turning to focus more on recipe database for value added ideas, Jan would like to be involved.
    • Guest Speaker Steward – first speaker came last night with success, June, October are booked and details for July/Aug and promotions is underway
    • Program steward – marketing on Starhawk Jul 1st, needs teams for Oct 1st (signup in Sept). Event risk for EcoReality is high. Friends and Family EcoReality festival in Aug and large open house to community. Cookout, campout. Get past layer of regular community potluckers. Details to come.
    • Group Process – process sessions monthly are new – will try this new meeting format for heartstorming discussions, input welcome for topics, process team meetings biweekly proposed,
    • Ecology – work on water management and with farm steward is going well
    • Work party – want more people out for June, happy to receive feedback on this May workparty
    • Childcare – things on the side that need to be worked out, will steward to get on an agenda, lots of trades with community members working out
    • Finance - explained statement and answered some questions, after meeting announced that tax statement received and was lower than expected.
  • Newsletter ideas: Member/Investor Recruiting
    • Susie Anne, Shannon, Mark and Justin will write for next newsletter
  • Diana Leafe Christian visit, 17-19 June.
    • Ideas suggested for topics by Shannon. Conversation about recruiting, zoning/site planning, consensus/facilitation. Conversation steered towards recruiting. Chris and Kate may be here. Susie Anne and Mark agreed to work with Jan on this. Jan to call meeting.
  • Turn in member time sheets by June 15
    • James to bring ideas to SA about new way to do this, put on agenda together once made into proposal.
  • Discussion of EcoReality Communication model possibilities
    • Osha- Likes group training on the farm but wants to see us have common tools brought to the group. Sees a powerful option of working on it elsewhere in our lives and bringing it to the co-op. Not spending all of our time a large group on the farm doing training on communication. Likes option with DVD's and but the current mostly homework option (conscious communication- Mastery Systems) turned her off.
    • Shannon reflected that there is a desire to have work done outside of meetings by each individual/family.
    • Mark- Also want to see EcoReality onsite "Practicum Day(s)" to utilize tools of communication model - so it becomes habit. Advocate of selecting a model that has tools that we can use it right away. Draw from a tool kit and go.
    • SA- Facilitate our own workshops based on something we know? Interested in doing a presentation based on the Haven model. Do interactive activities using steps and practicing using fun and real life as well as made up topics.
    • James- Talked about seeing a proposal soon with long term plans for ongoing training and new members. Wants to see a plan that can come to the farm and possibly be done off site too.
    • Jan- Wants to see timeline for training, adoption, ongoing etc.
    • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan will gather information shared today and previously to propose action and timeline for Communications Model and it will be introduced at Jun 5 teleconf (Shannon Cowan)
  • Discussion of (provisional members) proposed changes from last teleconference.
    • Discussed that extensions may be possible, but group did not express that it should be written in that extensions will be the norm.
    • It might be challenging for all types of prospective members to achieve 6 full months in one year’s time period (Mark and Osha expressed this). Discussed this briefly and acknowledged different life situations that might make this challenging.
    • Justin suggested a “parallel track” to allow two kinds of provisional membership to be pursued perhaps? Jan expressed that he sees we have two tracks already and that people who wish to invest but not live here have the means to do so and participate in all but veto power, including living here temporarily as much as site will support it and they are willing to bring temporary housing on board (for now).
    • ACTION: [x] Dennis Lucarelli to research other communities’ membership procedures. (Dennis Lucarelli)
    • Osha – sees that we are at a very diff stage than Earthaven. We are two houses. Requirement for living in a trailer or one of the two spare rooms in Yellow house is not feasible for all kinds of new provisional members. So much uncertainty to leave life behind. Six months seems arbitrary – looking at vacation times for most jobs may not allow for six months over 1 yr. Wants to see more realism for people trying to bridge.
      • Jan on point – appreciates Osha’s contribution. Wants to emphasize that provisional is learning period. Not focus on “provisional”.
    • Mark – twinkle osha. Contact time for knowing more is the nugget. Need more time to address the demographics we are seeking to attract.
    • James – threshold to come to full agreement at end of provisional period – is in agreement to bring it back. Also, requested Jan clear up the page – condense.
      • ACTION: [x] Jan Steinman will condense provisional member Talk:Discussion page. History pages are available. (Jan Steinman)
    • James – this is to clarify what is on the table now.
    • Justin – suggestion: parallel track – for those people taking a longer term view for their timeline to be fully resident.
      • Jan on point – people can become investors without becoming members. Come whenever you can. Intention to become a member.
    • Looking at our investment needs for debt retirement, maybe we need to look at membership strategy (trust fund?) for these.
      • Jan on point – we need to set up a part time involvement plan. Inappropriate for them to have same authority and power that resident members have. People like Brenda could be invited to be in “prospective member” status for long term. Free to participate as possible, but not have building rights.
  • New business
  • Discussion of EcoReality's possible participation in the Eco Living Tour (previously the eco home tour) July 26, 2009.
    • Jan thinks maybe Justin could do this instead of getting another speaker.
    • Osha – could use it as a prod to get the strategic plan in place.
    • Program committee will work on it and bring to rez meeting then teleconf.
      ACTION: [x] James Cowan to steward the Program Team working on EcoReality’s participation in Eco Living Tour and will put it on next teleconf for full proposal discussion and possibly request coming to agreement. (James Cowan)
    • allowing efficiency and participation
    • requests to have volunteers sign up before then
    • aggressive schedule in mind; 1 yr strategic plan
      ACTION: [x] Jan Steinman to put Strategic Metaplan proposal on teleconf agenda for June 5. (Jan Steinman)
  • Discuss the $800,000 debt and choose some actions to set in motion.
    • Deadline to raise $800K may be June 2010.
    • James’ key areas:
      • Fundraiser – could be endogenous or hire out (for coop to meet its goals )
      • Set goals and timeline – eg. Raise 800K in 6 mos and if only 400K raised, have planB
      • What financing is to be pursued and how if we don’t meet target in timeline.
    • Jan – progressive involvement. Funds for initial consultations. Suggests Ronaye Matthews. Request consultation and timeline of increasing involvement.
    • Justin – finding crowds in Vancouver and getting people out here. Justin interested in going to eco events and setting up table/talk/postering/flyers.
    • Jan – requests we raise it with people who want to live here as #1 idea.
    • Mark – investment money touches on many aspects (dwelling space, provisional membership, recruitment where and how, promotions, outreach, site planning)
    • James – will drive the wheels of the metaplanning team.
    • Osha – one of us hired to do it?
    • This stage is defining scope of stewardship as part of metaplan.
    • ACTION: [x] James Cowan to coordinate definition of the stewardship/team and will report by Jun 19th teleconf. (James Cowan)
  • A quick reminder of the upcoming Sustainable Food Education Event for SFU 20090612 on June 12. This item will also be discussed at the Resident's meeting later.-Shan
  • Discuss monthly topic Teaching Permaculture-
    • Jan wants to see PDC in 2010.
  • Briefly review schedules- Travel, videoconference dates, changes to potlucks etc.
    • June 12 – SFU event 24 hrs
    • June 17-19 – Diana Leafe Christian
    • June 27 – Rex Wiler
    • Missing June members meeting: James and Osha (maybe)
    • Penny and Mark planning to come in June (Mark may come for DLC visit also for a week!)
    • Missing July members weekend: Mark, SA, Shannon, Penny, Dennis
  • Selecting new facilitator and recorder for the next 3 month term, July to September 2009. Deferred to resident’s meeting.
  • 11:45 Closing
  • Next meeting Susie Anne is facilitator and Shannon is recorder.
  • Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
  • 12:20 pm meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted — Shan 01:28, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

Sunday 31 May 2009, Residents' Meeting

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Meeting brought to order at 19:00

Susie Anne Bartsch, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Shannon Cowan, Mark Stiffler, Dennis Lucarelli
Susie Anne
  • Check-in
    • SA – present
    • Jan – present, headache, worried about a goat
    • Dennis – good, awake, nice long swim
    • Rudy – seeking clarity, present
    • Mark – happy to be here for this kind of meeting
    • James – present
    • Shannon- bit distracted from all the minutes, excited to be here and had a great weekend
  • Old business
  • Agenda approved
  • Approved last week's minutes.
  • Discussed City Green inspection/grant for white house.
    • James introduced this as something he’s thinking of doing in White house, and wondered if Yellow House wants to do it at the same time? Carol and Jan suggested that yet there may be benefit to do it for both at once.
  • biodiesel discussion continuation from Minutes:20090503
    • Mark offered labour to help if he comes for a week (either mid June or first two weeks of July)
    • Jan clarified we need washing, and since Mark has more expertise in washing that could be helpful – we need to wash the fuel we have to have a place to put fresh fuel
    • ’’’ACTION’’’: Jan and Mark to talk offline and set up what is needed to finish the existing fuel in the tank
    • SA: Are other sources of oil needed now?
    • Jan: no, we have what is needed now
    • Rudy, James, SA have checked total 5 restaurants and none right now are feasible for pickup.
    • Jan has half completed a waste collection receptacle in back of Bubba
  • Discussed duties for the upcoming Sustainable Food Education Event for SFU 20090612 on June 12.
    • Production meeting called for this on Tuesday June 2nd at 1pm
    • SA to get childcare for this meeting, all residents requested to attend if onsite
    • Topics for production meeting will be fleshed out by James and Shannon beforhand. They include:
      • Camping- East of Rudy on EcoR land
      • Use classroom as indoor space if required.
      • Toiltet/wash station (asking Felicity?)
      • Meal planning- Shannon do menu planning.
      • Meals - Cooking - where to eat? SA, Shannon, Carol cook food.
      • Transportation pickup
      • Sessions and leaders
      • More chairs for classroom
      • Financial settling
  • Discussion of Farm profit center budget ideas
    • new suggestions by Shannon - a) that every resident pay $10 fixed fee monthly for eating out of the garden, b) all date, item, wts to be recorded in logbooks in either white or yellow house, c) any produce to be used in large quantities for value-added processing for household use is to be purchased at wholesale price from co-op, d) any produce to be used in large quantities for value-added processing for community use is simply to be recorded.
    • Shannon suggests to have each adult resident member pay $10 per person for food that the co-op is producing. If harvesting a large amount then pay the co-op the wholesale price for the product (IE pears).
    • James- suggests that there is a difference between wild and inherited trees or berries and a cultivated crop (ie basil).
    • Jan- would like to see a labour component factored into the equation.
    • Carol- $10/month per person seems too low to her.
    • Dennis- Is the price to reflect wholesale cost?
    • Shannon - No- it's an arbitrary number.
    • James- all harvest needs to be recorded for tax reasons.
    • Rudy- Wants to know the procedure for harvesting if he chooses to harvest.
    • Jan- Would like to make the system simple enough for everyone (including Rudy) to use.
    • Rudy- Wants freedom to grab a handful of what appeals to him at that time.
    • SA - wants to be able to put food in her mouth when in garden. Twinkles all around. Grazing is informally consented to by group.
    • Mark- Doesn't sound like proposal was fully understood by the group and further flushing out of the proposal can be an idea.
    • Until we get this concluded, casual grazing is okay.
    • When a new agreement is reached, we will follow that agreement.
    • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Shannon Cowan will revise proposal for farm profit center budget ideas on garden income via email and offline conversations and place on next Rez meeting agenda for further discussion. (Shannon Cowan)
  • Review United Church event.
    • SA user groups for classroom need to have a buddy/onsite guide, need to have cleanup explicit and setup explicit (wash port a potty, handwash station setup, parking, greeter)
    • Trenches need slow signs
    • SA likes that job – greeter/host
  • Who will attend ING meeting?
    • All of us will be going, pizza party at White house for James’ bday at 5pm, all to ING farm tour at 6pm
  • Goat stuff: awareness that Priya’s left rear leg is being favoured.
    • All guests, children to goats need accompaniment by a resident adult. Orientation for adult guests is needed to protect delicate nature of the kids/mama goats.
  • Arrivals/departures:
    • Reminder to use iCal for all rez, especially Dennis who has not used iCal yet
    • Dennis to return late Tues 16th
    • James’ schedule on iCal, not here Tuesday June 2
  • Next meeting Sunday June 7 at 19:00
  • Shannon to be Recorder
  • Susie Anne to be Facilitator

All checked out as present. Some slightly dropped in presence (Mark’s dogs, children, tv distractions). James acknowledged that Jan and James together foresaw the issues that are “priorities” for spring retreat (which were tabled) because all of them came up this weekend!

  • Adjourned 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Shan 03:07, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

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