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Friday, 24 May 2009, Residents' Meeting

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Meeting brought to order at 19:14

Susie Anne Bartsch, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.
Susie Anne
  1. Check-in
    • Participants are mostly at a high level of presence, 8 or above.
  2. Agenda
    • two additions noted
  3. Review to do list
    • tabled until Members' Meeting next weekend.
    • ACTION: [x] Check over to do list in preparation for next weekend. (Jan Steinman)
  4. <agreed>[x]Approve last week's minutes (Administrative)</agreed>
  5. Speed on farm roads — Carol
    • All agreed that excess speed on the driveways is creating clouds of dust and endangering farm animals and children. All agreed that a combination of these things are appropriate:
      1. requests for behavioural change,
      2. signage,
      3. traffic calming "speed bump" trenches, and
      4. dust suppression
    • ACTION: [x] Make and post SLOW signs for the driveways. (Carol Wagner)
    • ACTION: [x] Locate appropriate places for shallow trenches and arrange for their excavation. (Jan Steinman)
    • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Create a plan for farm road dust suppression using glycerine and water. (Jan Steinman)
  6. Request to remove snowball tree near south west corner of fence — Carol
  7. What to do with water testing bill
    • All agreed that this is an operational matter that does not require group consensus. The water testing bill will come out of the budget 2009 "Well Maintenance" item, as agreed Minutes:20090228.
    • Susie Anne: what were results of test?
    • Jan: coliform count was well below safe level; iron and magnesium were well below levels that would require the use of the green sand filter. Reports have been sent to all members and residents via email. Meg Buckley was notified of the results.
    • James/Carol: water pressure is still low and erratic.
    • Jan: we now have data needed for Mindy.
    • ACTION: [x] Contact Mindy to report water testing results and to get a new media filter. (Jan Steinman)
  8. Request for Dennis Langendorf to stay in the yellow house through early July, probably 3 July.
    • All agreed that he's had no negative impact, and could stay through early July.
  9. Arrivals/Departures reviewed:
    • Morris arriving this week some time.
    • Jan leaving early Wednesday, back Thursday with Dennis Lucarelli
    • Justin, Osha, Lily arriving Saturday morning.
    • Mark arriving sometime
    • James to Vancouver Thursday, back on Friday.
    • Judy leaving Thursday.
  10. Car issues
    • James needs Sunshine Monday.
    • Jan reports Bubba is not available Wed/Thu, as its farm plates will be on VVG in order to move a farm worker (Dennis Lucarelli) on-site
  11. Reminder: two work parties this weekend, five and three hours.
  12. Reminder: film maker presentation/showing on Saturday.
  13. Check-out — participants near their beginning presence levels, no thorns, kudos to Susie Anne for a well-run meeting.
  14. Meeting adjourned at 20:07

Respectfully submitted, Janemail 04:51, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

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