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Sunday, 26 April 2009, Members' Meeting

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Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Justin Roller, James Cowan, Osha Roller, Susie Anne Bartsch, Morris Lamrock, Observer Guests (Tamara, Jacob, Bejay, Cameron).

  • Facilitator: Susie Anne
  • Recorder: James (filling in for Shannon)
  • Meeting starts 10:03am
  • Check in
    • Osha- 9, present and sleepy
    • James – 10,
    • Justin 9, well rested
    • Carol Sleepy 9
    • Jan, 9 with slight headache
    • Jacob – 10, grateful to observe
    • Tamara - slight headache 9
    • Bejay – 10 , up there buzzin, Grateful to be here.
    • Cameron – 9, glad to have the opportunity
    • Morris- 7.5, sleep deprived, grumpy
    • SA- 9.5, some room for improvement


  • approved agenda
  • Approved March 29 minutes
  • AGREED: Class B shares for Carol’s request. $224.88 for shop hydro, breakers, fruit pickers, towel rings.
  • Stewards' council
    • Jan- Communication Steward – Newsletter out late, new newsletter template up now, looking for volunteers for articles. Lots of interest via email. Dennis is coming this week to talk about living here.
      • Land Use Planing- Nothing to report.
    • Carol – Finance – See finance reports.
      • Garden steward- got stuff done yesterday, more to do.
    • Justin- Guest speaker steward. Film showing on May 30, Rex Wiler on June 27
    • James – Program steward- What Justin said, plus UBC trip on June 12.
    • Osha- Menu planning- a little willy nilly, need some new systems. Offer from Jan and James to help with knowing who’s coming and going.
    • SA- Childcare steward- Working well with trades with EB. Brainstorm about playgrounds.
      • Work party steward- Great job yesterday… Twinkles all around. NOTE – Kyle (Neighbour) is interested in doing trade for his arbourist services for 3 people doing work at his house (Jan, Morris and SA volunteered).
    • Morris- Apprentice steward- Not really in role yet.
      • UPDATE on Cameroon intern. Reached an impasse on his visa. He had one more appointment and is asking again for a visa. Could be here May 11. If he gets denied again we will discontinue the process.
  • Walk through revised financial statements http://www.ecoreality.org/wiki/images/5/55/Income_Statement_2008.pdf

http://www.ecoreality.org/wiki/images/f/f2/Balance_Sheet_2008.pdf from AGM. Tabled from last teleconference, April 17th.— Carol Wagner

    • Income statement statement needs to be revised. Agreement will not take place today. Move to teleconf. Capital improvements (fencing) needs to be removed from operational expenses.
      • Carol will have statements out by Monday evening and members ask questions by Thursday so it can be approved on teleconf with minimal discussion.
    • Question- Why is the founding member goodwill an asset but other Class B shares aren’t? Answer- Other improvements increase the property value line item so it is indeed reflected in the assets.
      • Request from James to create another statement for class A restricted items.
  • Discussion and request to rescind the 0.96% share dividend declared at the AGM. Tabled from last teleconference, April 17th.— Jan Steinman
    • Discussion ensued. Talked about values from Islands Trust, tax assessment.
    • SA and Mo will have a buddy to better understand this.
    • Moved to teleconference.
    • Request to have broader picture and more information before agreeing on topics like this (especially financial).
    • ACTION: [x] Justin Roller Justin will follow up on context discussion and how it affects members. (Justin Roller)
    • Did thumbs up test and there were 3 sideways thumbs, not a formal agreement making request.
  • Discussion and request for special Diana Leafe Christian event around 15-19 June. Tabled from last teleconference, April 17th.— Jan Steinman
    • DLC wants to come and visit, wants to do a special deal for discounted rate plus travel expenses.
    • James suggests Thursday and Friday workshop.
    • ACTION: [x] Jan Steinman Jan will do project page or budget for DLC workshop. (Jan Steinman)
    • Suggestion that it’s a self funded workshop and not paid for by EcoReality.
    • Moved to teleconference.
  • Discussion and request for Rex Wyler event in June. This item was previously discussed at the last teleconference, April 17th. — Justin Roller
    • Date would be June 27.
    • Rex has agreed to come on last week of June and give presentation that he has given at universities. Founding member of Greenpeace, author, high profile speaker/guest.
    • James does logistics, Jan will do PR, Justin will host and MC.
    • Rex will do it for a cut of the door.
    • AGREED: EcoReality will host Rex Wyler on June 27 with a door split deal.
  • Discussion on logistics/promotion for Paul Manly film screening "You and Me and the SPP", set for Saturday May 30th. -Justin Roller
    • We have previously agreed to host this event on May 30.
    • Show movie in classroom after potluck.
    • James will do logistics, Jan will do PR, Justin will feed info and materials to Jan.
    • SA- Idea for handout or posters for multiple events.
  • Request for classroom all day Saturday, 30 May for United Church retreat — Tabled from last teleconference, April 17th. Carol Wagner
    • Not sure if they still want it. Carol will find out.
    • AGREED: to host United Church retreat meeting about the farmer’s market etc.
  • Discussion and request for SFU overnight field trip on June 12th, see Sustainable Food Education Event for SFU 20090612 This item was previously discussed at the last teleconference, April 17th. James Cowan
    • Osha agreed to help with food prep.
    • NOTE- James will not be here.
    • AGREED: we will host the SFU group on June 12.
  • Update on membership process for Morris, Susie Anne and Jessie. --SA 17:15, 23 April 2009 (UTC)
    • Talked about putting a finite amount of time on their stay here for them and the group. Would like people to come and talk to them about their finite amount of time and make a concrete decision.
    • Jan- hopes that SA will finish facilitation quarter (end of June).
    • Not a deadline… Committing for the “rest of your life” can feel a little much. Taking smaller chunks of committed time and recommitting at the end of that time can be a healthy way to dedicate each other to the relationship.
    • SA and Mo want to be sensitive to what the co-op’s structure is and do what is right for them.
    • They need time to connect with each other (Morris has been away lots).
    • ACTION: [x] Susie Anne BartschSA will meet with Carol (her member guide) in the next 3 days. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
  • Newsletter ideas: TBD
    • Theme is “Teaching permaculture”.
    • ACTION: [x] - James Cowan James will ask Patti Bauer to write article about permaculture for newsletter. (James Cowan)
    • ACTION: [x] - Justin Roller Justin will write about upcoming events for newsletter. (Justin Roller)
    • Who will attend ING meeting?
    • SA and Shannon will go. (Shannon was volunteered without being present).
  • Turn in member time sheets
    • ACTION: [x] James Cowan James will formulate questions about time sheets and add to next month’s members meeting agenda. (James Cowan)
  • Review last month's ACTION items
    • Not discussed. Individuals to review to do list and action items on their own.

11:00 New business

  • Reminder- Do bathroom/health break halfway through meeting.
    • DONE
  • Discuss monthly topic
    • Jan has desire to get this project moving.
  • Briefly review schedules- Travel, videoconference dates, changes to potlucks etc.
    • Morris gone Tuesday night (April 28) until around May 15-23.
    • SA and Jesse might go with Morris on April 28.
    • Justin might want to invite his mom and Grandma at the end of May. He’ll talk to the households about it.
  • Discussion and request that the next two teleconference dates be changed from May 1st and May 15th to May8th and 22nd. --SA 03:30, 18 April 2009 (UTC)
    • Will do teleconferences on May 1 and May 22.
  • Discussion and request that work parties be moved to the last Saturday of the month instead of Fridays.--SA 04:36, 21 April 2009 (UTC)
    • Discussion…. Market on Saturdays makes it tough to for anyone who wants to attend or vend at the Market to attend work parties.
    • AGREED: 5 hour work party on Fridays (9:30-3:30 with one hour for lunch) and 3 hour work party on Saturday (9-12) (breakfast needs to be 8am).
  • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
    • Osha – 8, one foot out the door because kid needs nap before travel. Enjoyed meeting.
    • James – 10, busy.
    • Justin – 9.5 readty to go
    • Carol 8.5 sugar crashed
    • Jan- Appreciate SA facililtating, 9.75.
    • Jacob. 9.5, excited to participate.
    • Tamara- 9, interesting to observe. Blend of efficiency and listening to each other.
    • Bejay- 10, great to see everybody so diplomatic and not overreacting.
    • Cameron- 9, good to see healthy group dynamic.
    • Morris- 7.8 struggling to be here and handle and what’s happening here, thinking about going north, stuff from Toronto and income taxes.
    • SA- 9.5 still. Thank you for moving through big agenda.
  • Meeting ends 12:05pm

Submitted by James Cowan 05:00, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Sunday, 26 April 2009, Residents' Meeting

<--previous residents meetingnext residents meeting-->

Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, James Cowan, Susie Anne Bartsch, Morris Lamrock,

  • Facilitator: Susie Anne
  • Recorder: James (filling in for Shannon)
  • Meeting starts 10:03am
  • Check in
    • Carol- tired. Worked today, felt good. 8.5.
    • Jan 8.5 little sleepy, tried to nap to no avail.
    • Morris 7.7, also unnapped.
    • James- 8- not ready for tomorrow
    • SA- 9, little sleepy. In line of sight of TV.
  • Agenda- No agenda other than to do list.
  • Minutes approved.
  • To do list:
    • Jan took notes
  • Travel- See iCal. Dennis here this Thurs, Shannon home Monday.
  • Farm and Garden- Carol wants to have standpipe taps instead of the sprinklers in the garden.
  • Morris added item about RV and they’re desire to buy one and park it here.
    • Rationale- Morris’ health and wellbeing to have a place to go that is quiet. China the cat. This could be a place where China could live. She’s an indoor outdoor cat.
    • If EcoReality doesn’t work or they choose to move, they would have a home… on wheels.
    • Guest lodgings for visitors from the Yukon or other places that is semi self contained.
    • A place to go and rebalance without the kids (not that kids won’t be invited time to time).
    • Lots of discussion about diesel vs gas, trailer vs 5th wheel vs RV….
  • Check out:
    • James 9, grateful for discussions.
    • Morris 8.2. A little more present
    • Jan- Grateful for Morris bringing up RV as a way of seeking feedback. 9
    • Carol- 8.5, would like to hear from SA about RV
    • SA- 9, Has lot to say about RV.

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