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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Friday, 17 April 2009, Members' Teleconference

  • Facilitator: Susie Anne
  • Recorder: Shannon Cowan
  • Check in
    • Susie Anne- 9.9 loathe to attach number,
    • James – 6 – Sienna challenges, beautiful day on the farm, great to have SA home
    • Osha – will check out
    • Justin – 8.5 – enjoyed visit with James and Shannon, cherry blossoms and walk were great today
    • Mark – 9 – woke from nap, wants to connect deeply, intention to listen deeply
    • Penny – 9 looking forward to workshop coming up, so not totally present, but willing and ready for the call
    • Shannon- 9.8 – great day, clear in mind and body and spirit, intention for call is to connect and “jump into others” and create the space for deep listening


  • Approval of the agenda.
  • Approval of last teleconference minutes.
  • Walk through revised financial statement from AGM. — Carol Wagner
    • Tabled until members meeting
  • Discussion and request to rescind the 0.96% share dividend declared at the AGM. — Jan Steinman
    • Justin felt uncomfortable about vote in AGM and is further voicing discomfort, and curiousity about why suggestion is to rescind it
    • Shannon shared that Jan is best to really present this to group, although he brought it up with her, she cannot correctly recall what happened (reassessment of property value?)
    • Penny requested clarity on that?
    • James did not recall hearing this yet
    • SA suggests we table to Members meeting, she will ensure it gets on the agenda
    • Penny expressed at end of call again returning to this item: that she is very concerned that this will come up for approval at a meeting where three members will not be present, and also concerned there is lack of understanding in the group about the choice to declare a dividend and now lacking information about why to rescind that choice
    • James agreed with Penny and suggested that wiki page or document should be sent out a week in advance of meeting and that perhaps the item (facilitator can change this on agenda as necessary) be for discussion, not approval, at the 20090426 members meeting
  • ACTION: [x] James Cowan to put this as discussion item on agenda for Next Members Meeting and to remind Jan to send out information about it as soon as possible so whole group has a week to prepare and comment. (James Cowan)
  • Discussion and request for special Diana Leafe Christian event around 15-19 June. — Jan Steinman
    • tabled
  • Discussion and request for Rex Wiler event in June — Justin Roller
    • Justin: Outreach effort in his stewardship, a lot of name recognition, he will come Friday 26th and stay night, speak at EcoReality on Saturday June 27th.
    • Subject: history of greenpeace and activism, sustainability, will tailor talk to our needs. If he can see what we are doing he can spread the word about EcoReality also.
    • Will do this with minimal reimbursement, if we can pay his ferry and accommodation and meals (still to be confirmed with Rex, Justin to bring these details forward at next meeting)
    • Justin suggests that the work required from a resident is project page, advertising/design poster and postering and press release.
    • James: can do logistics in advance, but won’t be present that day. Will agree to coordinate in advance. Big question is whether Jan can do marketing and poster creation.
    • ACTION: [x] James Cowan to do logistics with Justin for Rex June event (James Cowan)
    • Most time in advance needed will be postering and promotion. (James Cowan)
    • ACTION: [x] Justin Roller to make a wiki project page outlining the labour and budgetary needs for this event as soon as possible to be reviewed and discussed at next members meeting (Justin Roller)
  • ACTION: [x] Justin Roller to put this as discussion item on agenda for next members meeting
  • Request for classroom all day Saturday, 30 May for United Church retreat — Carol Wagner
    • James suggests that this item and film (Paul Manly from Nanaimo, screening “You and me and the SPP”) the same night can be fully discussed at the Members meeting
    • At this point we do not have all the information to discuss these
  • ACTION: [x] Justin Roller to put this as discussion item on agenda for next members meeting (Justin Roller)
  • Discussion and request for SFU overnight field trip on June 12th, see Sustainable Food Education Event for SFU 20090612 Shan 05:33, 17 April 2009 (UTC)
    • Shannon reviewed proposal. There were no questions. It will be put as Request on agenda for Next Members Meeting
  • Discussion about upcoming Members' Weekend, including 3PM "Earth Day" public farm tour — Jan Steinman}}
    • James clarified that Mark and Shannon and Penny will not be present, and he roughly outlined that this is simply to alert all who will be here that participation in the 3pm public farm tour could be fantastic PR. Jan will bring map to Classroom and has proposed that he will lead the tour.
    • Osha concerned there won’t be enough food for potluck if public is invited to stay
    • James will send email to clarify that the public won’t be necessarily aware of potluck before coming
  • ACTION: [x] James Cowan to connect with Jan about this item and email group (James Cowan)
    • SA suggests making extra, Osha agrees
    • More discussion on this topic at next meeting April 26
  • Next teleconference meeting Friday May 1st, 2009.
    • James suggests May 8th and May 22nd are more appropriate for teleconferences in May due to there being 5 weeks.
    • To be approved at Members meeting
  • ACTION: [x] James Cowan to put this as discussion item on agenda for Next Members Meeting (James Cowan)
    • Shannon will be the recorder.
    • Susie Anne will facilitate
  • Check out
    • Shannon: no number, wants to connect, realizes that this is first business since AGM, it might be useful to all to review those minutes and bring their voice to the members meeting about any items that remain uncertain. Wants to connect more and will listen deeply in checkout.
    • Mark: Wants to feel closer to individuals on call. Maybe we have the opportunity to practice deeper listening on teleconferences. Still a 9, wants to get outside after the call to enjoy remaining day.
    • Penny: Still 9. Appreciates the efficiency of meeting and people. Enjoying sunset over water.
    • Justin: up to 9 looking forward to weekend and family. Looking forward to coming back to island. Will miss three missing members.
    • Osha: 8, end of day with Lily. Glad to have time to spend with J&S&S at her home. Cherry blossoms uplifting. Will enjoy seeing everyone next week again.
    • James: 9. Enjoyed visiting Osha and Justin and Lily in city. Sienna looking forward to “how many sleeps until Lily comes back”
    • Susie Anne: no number. Getting that facilitation is a different process on the phone, yet it felt like the most relaxed teleconf she’s been on.
  • Meeting ends 19:40.

Respectfully Submitted by: Shan 03:13, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

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