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Sunday 12 April 2009: Residents' Meeting

  • Check in
    • Shannon – 9.8 – digesting life better, tummy feeling good, mind feeling calm.
    • James – 9.9 – Grateful for sun, parents here, life is full.
    • Jan – 7.1 – Furious about DNS server issues.
    • Carol – 9 – Glad to get outside during sun, need to vacuum, happy about all of it.

  • Agenda/Minutes:
  • Free flow discussion about well and irrigation:
    • Water filter system has been on bypass for two days. Taste is good. August we may need to do further filtering with sand to help when well is low. We could also connect intake from creek piping and add to well.
    • We need to get an apprentice or resident to agree to dig and map the irrigation in the “lawn” field
    • Can fill vessels to have water avail for garden/farm use – doing this anyway, can do more, get larger vessels
    • Talk to Gavin about charging the lines for irrigating hay, add this as an option to the garden system
    • Perhaps pressurizing the system in garden with small pump, see if it will start a siphon so we are not relying on Gavin for irrigation of garden – use of centrifugal pump
    • ACTION: [x] Shannon agrees to steward the Water Management overall, and to seek support and resource management from other residents and nonresidents
    • We have seven well casings through used Victoria that someone can pickup in one load of Bubba (depending on weight) in Cordova Bay
  • Woodshed:
    • Conversation focused on having drawings for the woodshed, and James shared information from Tom Woods about seeing Uli Temmel at the building inspector’s office to get advice on doing it correctly so that we have no more red flags. We have until May 30.
      • ACTION: [x] Jan will make drawings and consult Uli, the building inspector about the idea of two 64’ woodsheds with 2’ in between them. (Jan Steinman)
  • Garlic and Goats:
      • James suggested tbars and orange twine to keep them from crossing beds
      • Carol suggested that we funnel them to lower field
      • Jan suggested that we don’t know they are damaging garlic by trampling, so why don’t we monitor garlic closely
      • Jan tested them in eating garlic, and apologizes for going ahead without checking in with group beforehand, but was mitigating goat’s not “doing well” in third trimester where they were.
      • James to put on next week’s rez agenda
      • Jan to get some electric fence in Oregon and might segregate them to North end of pasture.
      • Training for goats and chicken care for James and Shannon tomorrow after bday party
      • Carol and Shannon to do a walk through on seeding, germination, watering in greenhouse
  • Apprentices:
    • Dennis Taffon’s visa was not approved. Jan to call the consulate tonight to see if there is anything that can be done.
  • Facilitator for next meeting: Susie Anne
  • Recorder: Shannon
  • Check out

Meeting ends 20:02pm

Submitted by Shannon Cowan Sunday 12 April, 2009

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