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Sunday, 5 April 2009, Residents' Meeting

  1. Check in
    • Carol is about a 9, got the bathroom done
    • Morris is 8.6 appreciative, acknowledges that the transition away from SA for 16 days with Jessie alone is significant and going really well thus far. He is stressed about the house in Whitehorse and about the Toronto travel and family surgeries.
    • Shannon, peaceful, 9.3, jumped in the pond, bit of a sore throat
    • James, 10.2, enjoyed the pond and picnic and sun and heat.
    • Jan, 9, got some items today
  2. Agenda
  3. Approved last week's minutes.
  4. To do list review
  5. Farm to do list for next few weeks, especially re: apprentices
      • dig up the “spaceship”, sink a bathtub into the hole and create a series of aquatic ditches
        • James suggested assessment of bypass of using KMnO4– whether the backflush through sand filter can be bypassed without bypassing UV filter, and whether taste (iron, sulfur) gets much worse.
      • Secal pear tree by fence has spirit and starlings – James wishes to create “no stuff zone” under drip line
      • building more beds – soil from yellow house, sea soil from berm and mixed with manure load from Gavin’s … first extend existing garden rows, then move the rows W of cascade berries and re-align and measure them
      • get manure load from Gavin
      • more starts in greenhouse
      • data entry for timesheets and vehicle logs
      • well casing – Paul Reynolds may have extra casings (a neighbour) or from Slegg.
        • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Jan will contact Paul and/or get casing from Slegg and install, Shannon supporting (Jan Steinman)
      • cut more willow, plant more willow along fence
        • ACTION [x] Jan will get more willow and show apprentices how to plant it. (Jan Steinman)
    • ACTION: [x] Jan will ping Dennis Taffon about show up time etc. (Jan Steinman)
  6. Review Comings and Goings
    • steve laing gone April 11
    • Taffon arrives Apr 11
    • james and Shannon back 16th evening
    • carol and jan gone 17th to Sat 25th
    • Shannon gone 23, returning late 26th
    • Morris gone 6th, back 19th mid day
  7. All checked out – most higher than when checked in! Yay.
  8. Meeting ends 20:06pm

Respectifully Submitted by Shan 03:11, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

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