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Sunday, 29 March 2009, Annual General Meeting

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Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Justin Roller, Shannon Cowan, Osha Roller, Susie Anne Bartsch, MarkStiffler,Penny Pobiecke, Rudy Siegers, Morris Lamrock, Dennis Lucarelli (Guest), Therese Raymond (Guest), Stephen Laing (WWOOF)

  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Recorder: Susie Anne
  • Meeting starts 14:04
  • Check in
    • Jan – 9.5
    • Susie Anne – 8
    • Shannon- 8
    • Morris- 8.75
    • Dennis – 10
    • Rudy – 9
    • Penny – 8
    • Mark- 9
    • Osha- 7
    • Justin- 9
    • Thereze - 9
    • Carol- 7

Annual General Meeting


  • AGM Adjourned at 3:16pm

Sunday, 29 March 2009, Members' Meeting

For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  • Members meeting
    • Meeting starts 3:16pm


  • Approval of the agenda with amendments including the removal of the discussion of the website stewardship request by Mark Stiffler, addition of Request for Class B shares for expenses Carol Wagner moved from the AGM agenda, and the removal of the request for acceptance of membership applications from Susie Anne Bartsch and Morris Lamrock as they have to go through the interview process first.
  • Approval of last minutes last member meeting minutes.
  • AGREED We accept the changes Jan made to values, vision, and mission statements, as made at the un-recorded session of 2 January 2009: changes to values, changes to vision, changes to mission
  • Steward’s Council:
    • Childcare Steward – exciting movement forward, first ever outside facilitated sessions and lots of depth coming here
    • Work Party Steward – productive and exciting developments
    • Farm Steward- the farm is coming along nicely, raspberries, fences, new beds.
    • Communications Steward-more and more inquiries and hits on our website.
      • AGREED We agree that the Permaculture course be cancelled for this year as Jan sees that the people involved are overwhelmed with all the other things to do here.
    • Ecology Steward – Shannon is negotiating the field lease with Gavin, the garlic is growing, we are out of flooding danger with the dam.
      • Jan is planning a meeting with Three Point Properties. He will be talking further about the dam with them, and lease of the land we do not yet own for creation of a campground and other activities.
    • Group Process Steward- Shannon is encouraging us to form a Group Process group. Susie Anne has expressed interest.
    • Guest Speaker Steward- Marisha will not be coming at this time. Other speakers are lining up well. Mark inquired about the Mud Girls coming for a presentation.
  • Newletter-Theme: Humanure
    • Osha-recipe
    • Susie Anne/Morris column item
    • Mark- the importance of humanure
  • Newletter Deadline: Wednesday April 15th.

REMINDER! Turn in member time sheets

  • AGREED We approve the Field Lease Agreement with Gavin as written. (Include link). Shannon will create a written document and have Gavin sign it.
  • ACTION Carol will research her receipts and get back to us about her Class B share request at the next meeting. There was discussion some of the receipts had already been reimbursed at an earlier date.
  • AGREED 6 pressure treated posts will be donated to Shelby.

* Comings and Goings

    • Penny and Mark will pick up James tonight at 11pm.
    • Dennis away Tuesday
    • Stephen arrived and will be here until April 11th.
    • Susie Anne will leave April 4
    • Morris and Jess will leave April 6
    • Mark, Penny, Justin, Osha, and Lily will depart early on Saturday, April 4
    • Shannon and Mark will be away for the April Members meeting
  • Select facilitator and recorder for next quarter.
    • Susie Anne will be facilitator for the next Members meeting in April
    • Shannon will NOT be the recorder April meeting and will need to replace herself
  • Meeting ends 16:06pm

Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch Wednesday 1 April, 2009

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