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Sunday 22 March 2009: Residents' Meeting

  • Check in
    • Shannon – 9.8 – Really exhausted and really present and happy to be here
    • James – 9.82 – Left nut on mountain with wife
    • Jan – 9 – He be higher but he forgot his life in computerland
    • Carol – 9 – Productive in the garden-good, letting go
    • Susie Anne – 9.7 – Good but not feeling so well in the tummy
  • Agenda/Minutes:
    • Agenda approved.
    • Approved last week's minutes.
    • Reviewed to do list
    • Briefly review retreat schedule, menu for the week and attendees. James Cowan 03:49, 20 March 2009 (UTC)
      • James called Penny and Mark about which house they will stay in. They will think about it and get back to us. Their dogs are not coming.
      • ACTION [x] James will add the grocery shop on Tuesday, March 31 to the retreat agenda. (James Cowan)
    • March 31 talent show... Potluck before? Invite other people like last time?
      • ACTION [x] Yes we will invite other people to our talent show. Susie Anne will send an invite to the advisory and will send a notice to members to send in names. Members will send names of people to invite like Elizabeth, Brian and Ariel to Susie Anne. RSVP. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
      • Yes there will be a potluck beforehand. People need to bring dishes and cutlery. RSVP
    • Woodshed part 2. James Cowan 03:49, 20 March 2009 (UTC)
      • ACTION [x] James will pursue getting a copy of the building code from ex building inspector. (James Cowan)
    • Discuss an ical for car sharing. Is that feasible at this point? James Cowan 19:39, 20 March 2009 (UTC)
      • Jan says yes it is doable but it is not very feasible at this time. Perhaps there is a different program we could use but it is not a priority right now.
    • Discuss some finance thingys.Carol Wagner}}
      • Carol presented several items for reimbursement that are all budget items and do not need individual agreement.
    • Work party and invites
      • ACTION [x] Susie Anne will send out an invite and reminder to the advisory and to members about the upcoming work party on March 27 and will continue gathering items for the work parties. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
      • ACTION [x] Shannon will make a courtesy call to Gavin about picking up manure during one of our work parties. We would like to use Gavin’s front loader if possible. (Shannon Cowan)
    • Briefly discuss projects
      • ACTION [x] Garden and fence, campground and humanure projects are bigger priorities at this time than the outdoor kitchen, road buffer. People can communicate through email about continuing the priorizing of our major upcoming projects. (Everybody)
    • Arrivals and departures, and schedule items:
      • Morris arrives on Wednesday.
      • ACTION [x] Resident’s potluck will move to the Wednesday night this week. Susie Anne will notify Rudy of the change. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
      • Dennis Lucarelli arrives on Thursday and wants to attend the members’ meeting and will leave Sunday or Monday.
      • Therese will coming for the retreat but may not be staying on the property.
      • James will be arriving with a bunch to carry off the ferry and may need someone to come and get him at the ferry.

• Check out

Meeting ends 20:28pm

Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch March 22, 2009

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