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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Sunday 8 March 2009: Residents' Meeting

  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Recorder: Shannon
  • Check in
    • Shannon – 9 – glad headache is not too bad
    • James – 8.5 – took it easy, nice day, looking forward to good sleep.
    • Jan – 9 – bleary from so many movies at filmfest!
    • Carol – 8.5 – video watching, had a lazy day.

  • Minutes:
    • Agenda approved.
    • Added item: Firewood continuation topic James Cowan,
      • Transition to maple for burning as we run out of dry wood.
      • Yellow house still calculating usage (recording on calendar). Will continue and create firm number before settling with White house.
    • Added item: debrief Chris and Kate’s visit
      • Chris expressed that he will put together some thoughts on siting, house construction, etc.
      • All rez encouraged Chris and Kate to visit other communities
      • Discussion, very productive, about the “key issues” that having Chris and Kate’s questions brought to EcoReality. Reviewed the gifts they brought us, reviewed our responses and reactions to their thoughts and visit as whole. Took to heart the idea that EcoReality is open to all such contributions, and that we wish to be clear in our communication that we are not going to be overly influenced by others’ perceptions of what is “priority”, however what serves us is to receive the seeds planted by each visitor, to discuss and bring them in, and to choose as a group what the “next best step” is for individual projects and for the group. In the wake of our winter retreat and in the pre-phase to our spring retreat, we are about to dive into further prioritization of what we’ve set forth for the year and beyond, according to EcoReality values and vision.
      • Discuss Livestock Ownership issues Carol Wagner,
        • Carol expressed that she wishes to steward chickens but is willing to see what we’ll come up with for a process of Co-Op ownership of livestock
        • Jan – do you feel bullied?
        • Carol – yes a bit bullied, but willing to work on it, all others seem to want it
        • James- observes that facilitated discussion with all rez present is important, then perhaps bring to a retreat session
        • Shannon- pointed out that heart of the matter is important to get to in a discussion with all rez. Also, that similar to Co-Op shared garden, it may be beneficial to have steward(s) or anyone step forward and draft what it might look like.
      • ACTION [x] Jan to book facilitated livestock session during next rez meeting (or other time) when childcare is avail. to go deeper into the heart of the matter. (Jan Steinman)
      • ACTION [x] (adandoned) James to draft the terms of reference, eg. Care schedule for livestock, financials, space issues, etc. (James Cowan)
    • Arrivals and Departures
      • James away Friday all day, possibly Tues night to Thurs morning
      • SA back Friday morning
      • Discussed Dennis from Cameroon and threw a lot of questions out to be discussed. There were some concerns raised by James, Carol and Shannon. Discussed Carol’s phone call with him. Discussed Morris’ thoughts: wanted to know if there were clear expectations (eg. How much contact time vs. working alone) of the apprenticeship.
      • ACTION [x] Carol Wagner will call Michael Nickels to discuss African farm worker exchanges he’d done. (Carol Wagner)
      • ACTION [x] Jan Steinman agreed to send a clear email to Dennis of work hours (6 hrs/day, 6 days/wk), camping accommodations (Apr 11 or later for us is best) and with clear expectations for trial period (2 weeks) and possibility that if it is not working for either party, we can help him find a new placement in Canada. Want to be sure it is a net gain for each party. (Jan Steinman)
    • Review/discuss the To Do List.
    • Approved last week's minutes.
      • ACTION [x] Jan Steinman to contact Chris about pH test results and what that means for replacement with sand system for “splooge”. Will be in contact with people Chris has been doing research with about our system. (Jan Steinman)
      • ACTION [x] Jan Steinman will send Chris next steps for potential members on how to enter into prospective membership, should that interest them. (Jan Steinman)
      • ACTION [x] Jan Steinman will call SS Cheese and set up a time for manure workparty. (Jan Steinman)
      • James talked to Rudy H about Ringing Cedars. Rudy to speak to Shalin and get back to James. James will email him.
      • Task list for WWOOFing was collected by Carol. Tarp needed for turf pile
      • ACTION [x] Shannon Cowan to ask Rudy to go to lumber store to get tarp(s), especially to cover turf pile by white house. (Shannon Cowan)
      • ACTION [x] [[Carol Wagner|Carol Wagner to speak to Roxane about scanning fenceline for dropped/missing clips. Then Roxane (And Rudy) to finish clipping fence along front of road. (Carol Wagner)
      • Jan wishes to get a draw blade for debarking. $44 Part of woodshed budget, discretionary.
      • AGREED that draw blade is useful tool for woodshed and for future co-op projects.
      • ACTION [x] Jan to inventory what is missing/needs replacement from fencing project. He will take action that is needed to replace and/or request agreement on reimbursement, etc. (Jan Steinman)
        1. chisel
        2. measuring tape
        3. drill tips (Philips)
    • Review garden and farm issues.
  • Check out

Carol and Shannon fading, James and Jan invigorated. Very productive meeting.

Meeting ended 20:38pm

Submitted by |Shannon Cowan

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