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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Sunday 1 March 2009: Residents' Meeting

  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Recorder: Susie Anne
  • Check in
    • Yun Kang – said goodbye
    • Shannon – 8 – tired, thinking about Sienna
    • James – not a number – emotionally drained
    • Jan – 4.5 – No glasses, no agenda, overwhelmed with everything
    • Carol – 8.5 – better sleep, interesting day with hand gestures
    • Susie Anne – 9 – I’m present
    • Roxanne – 7 - tired
    • Chris – 8.98 – good evening
    • Kate – 8.9 – rushed visit

  • Agenda/Minutes:
    • Agenda approved. Skipping the to do list this time.
    • Approved last week's minutes.
      • ACTION [x] Splooge update-Chris will do a ph test and send results to person who will help us replace the permanganate system with sand system. (Chris Walker)
    • Request for work party to harvest fresh manure for composting from Mr. Mountain, 931-0318 (mornings & evenings) at Salt Spring Cheese.
      • ACTION [x] Jan will go and check out the situation at Salt Spring Cheese and see if we need a tractor or wheelbarrows to move the manure. Once this is done we will assemble the work party. (Jan Steinman)
    • How is Roxanne doing?
      • Enjoying the carpentry, hasn’t done it before. Would like to know what she is doing tomorrow. Carol will be with her in the morning.
      • ACTION [x] Carol will collect the task list of things for Roxanne to do. (Carol Wagner)
    • ACTION [x] Anastasia Ringing Cedars event that happened was somewhat chaotic today. If this is going to be an ongoing event it needs to have a clearer structure and more notice. James will speak with Rudy about the event and future Anastasia events if they happen. (James Cowan)
    • Discuss projects- Who stewards a project and where is that noted? How can members input their ideas or preferences about a project as far as materials, aesthetics, timeline, offers to help etc? How can a member proceeding with a project present the plans in a way that encourages feedback but doesn't take a long time to prepare? James Cowan 00:17, 2 March 2009 (UTC)
      • ACTION [x] Every project does need to have a steward attached to it. James will ensure that all projects on the Wiki have project stewards. (James Cowan)
      • ACTION [x] Those who can will meet at 4:30pm Tuesday outside the woodshed to decide about siding and roofing. (Everyone)
    • Comings and goings
      • Kate’s mom and friend are going to come to stay for a night around Tuesday this week.
      • Saturday morning there will be a hike up Mt Maxwell. James is coordinating.
      • Kate and Chris will be leaving sometime around next Sunday coming up.
      • SA and Jess will be away Mar 8 to Mar 13 to go to Kamloops and returning with a friend and her 4 year old kid.
    • Farm and garden issues
      • ACTION [x] Shannon will add farm & garden items to the agenda before the meeting and will ensure that it is placed earlier in the agenda so it isn’t a tag on at the end of the meeting anymore. (Shannon Cowan)
  • Check out

Meeting ends 20:19pm

Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch Thursday 5 March, 2009

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