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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday, 28 February 2009, Members' Meeting

  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Recorder: Susie Anne
  • Meeting starts 14:03
  • Check in
    • Jan -9.5 - Good
    • Susie Anne – 9.875 – Sense of humour intact
    • Caroline – 9.5 little speepybut ready
    • Shandall – 9 good excited
    • Roxanne- 9.5 ready
    • Kate- 9 siesta time
    • Chris – 8.99-
    • Jen – 9 – I am here.
    • Osha- 9 – leaving a little room for improvement
    • Justin- 8 – tired worked late yesterday
    • James 9.95- The quaill are here
    • Shannon- 9.5 – spacious. 2 walks today
    • Carol- 7 – But probably a 5. Maybe sleep apnea may be worse.


  • Old business
  • Stewards' council
    • Newsletter-Jan - newsletter is a week late. Jan is overloaded. Will get it out next week.
    • Finance report-Carol- Carol presented an income statement from 2006 through to date. We are about $2400 in the red on paper.
    • Ecology steward- Shannon- working on the farm trade system, leasing of the field to Gavin, the frogs are here, birds of prey, the dam is being fixed, water is less silty, still at the stage of working things out on a paper map
    • Group Process- Shannon – We haven’t heard back about the Tree Bresson series yet, she is persueing NVC practice, interested in a group process team and invites us to join her
    • Member guide report- Shannon reported on her conversation with Noj. Constructive Feedback is too many emails regarding WWOOFers and apprenticeships.
    • Program steward –James – Most of his program energy is directed toward the Spring Retreat, working on getting speakers with Justin.
    • Guest Speaker steward – Justin –Marisha is available to do a presentation during the spring retreat. Tuesday, March 31.
      • ACTION [x] Justin will create a budget for Marisha’s Auerbach presentation to be ready for the next teleconference. (Justin Roller)
      • April 25th– Green Peace Rex Weyler possible presenter.
      • Saturday May 30 Paul ? screening his film here. The Security and Prosperity Partnership and Me
    • Recipe steward – Osha – She is doing a cut and paste method for creating the grocery list. She needs more response from people about allergies, like and dislikes.
    • Childcare-Susie Anne- Trades for child care are going well
    • Work Party steward – SA- Great work party. Do we need to have any extra? Could the Quest team come for a special work party? We will talk.
      • ACTION [x] Susie Anne will contact the Quest University team to see if they can bring a group for a work party/program activity. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • Land use planning – Jan – waiting on some grant information.
    • Farm steward – Carol- nothing to report currently.
  • Newsletter ideas: TBD
    • Osha recipe with goat cheese
    • Susie Anne-column starting
    • Justin will write about Marisha Auerbach

Newletter Deadline: Wednesday March 18th.

REMINDER! Turn in member time sheets

  • Reviewed last month's ACTION items
    • ACTION [x] Carol will continue to pursue talking to Taffon despite the difficulties in communication. (Carol Wagner)
  • Select facilitator and recorder for next quarter. —Jan Steinman 21:05, 8 February 2009 (UTC)
    • Susie Anne will be facilitator for April through June
    • Shannon will be the recorder April through June
  • New Business
  • Reminder- Do bathroom/health break halfway through meeting. Done
  • Discuss request from MyKL and family (forwarded to all) to live on-site for a trial period of four months. —Jan Steinman 04:35, 20 February 2009 (UTC)
    • Jan wrote a letter to explain to MyKL and Laura why the community was not ready to provide a space for them at this time. MyKL read about our decision in the minutes before the letter was read. We need to collectively be aware that such sensitive items need to be dealt with quickly and the minutes should not go out before the persons have been communicated with.
  • AGREED Susie Anne and Morris can log hours in March to be used towards April when actually members (presumably) and possibly away for 2.5 weeks.
  • Discuss requests put for by Susie Anne regarding childcare for EcoReality meetings and activities as outlined on the Child care steward page.
    • ACTION [x] Susie Anne and James will create a childcare policy and present it before the teleconference or members retreat for discussion. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
  • Request: The playground area that has been temporarily selected could be developed into a longterm safe playground area for resident and visiting children.
    • ACTION [x] Susie Anne will create a project page for playground proposal. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • AGREED EcoReality will host this Ringing Cedars tomorrow’s event and collect donations. James and Rudy Hextor will be the hosts.
    • AGREED We agree in principle to hosting events that have some connection to agriculture.
  • Discuss monthly topic
    • next month's topic- Livestock- Jan is the steward
  • Briefly review schedules- Travel, videoconference dates, changes to potlucks etc.
    • James away tomorrow
    • Jan will take Justin and Osha to the ferry tomorrow
    • Quest girls are going to be leaving tonight
    • Chris will be making a presentation tonight at 7pm
    • SA and Jessie will be away some portion of March 8-13
  • Confirm facilitator and recorder for next meeting; confirm theme steward for next month.
    • Jan will be facilitator
      • ACTION [x] Susie Anne will find someone to do minutes for Sunday March 8th. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
  • Meeting ends 16:05pm

Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch Thursday 5 March, 2009

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