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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Friday 23 January 2009: Members' Teleconference

  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Recorder: James filling in for Susie Anne
  • Check in:
    • Penny- doing well. 9. In the world of TGIF.
    • Mark – 9. Pretty good. Mourning loss of biodiesel unit moving to a new location. Glad to hear y’all’s voices.
    • Morris- only here for 7 minutes. Very cold, he’s very skinny, about to get into a ballroom dance class. 8 (he really only lasted for about 7 minutes and said that he has many things to talk to us about but he guesses that will have to be later)
    • Justin- 9. Happy to get reconnected. He’s now got a masters. Looking forward to reconnecting.
    • Osha- 8. Getting under the weather. Happy to be home, rather than Atlanta with other people’s lives and stuff. Can’t wait until next weekend.
    • James 9.5- Cold fencing. No good sleeps
    • Shannon- 9. Good day with girls. Kids had too much sugar. Feeling like needs a good night sleep. Differences in sleep cycles between girls. Happy to be here and excted for next weekend.
    • Carol- 6. Up at 2am for driving home. Be great tomorrow.
    • Jan- Bouncing between 7-9. Abdominal distress and fencing all day so beat.

  • Agenda/Minutes:
    • Approval of 9 January minutes. APPROVED!
    • Budget report/discussion (Carol/James)
      • James – asked for questions about the budget.
      • Osha- who to ask questions about budget between now and next weekend. James or Carol and CC the other.
    • Items carried over from previous teleconference.
    • REQUEST for holding equity for Susie Anne Bartsch and Morris Lamrock from their monthly housing payments.
      • Discussion:
      • Jan explained.- Recap from last meeting. Asked for clarifying questions.
      • Osha- Would the white house be split? – Yes. Jan will provide spreadsheet with different scenarios with renting vs vested. Jan has desire to see people paying into class A shares rather than just rent.
      • Shannon- Clarified that this is “holding equity” because they are not members.
      • Jan clarified that non members can also hold shares. The issue is that they don’t have the $10K minimum. This would allow them to accrue investment shares for the interim.
    • AGREED that Susie Anne Bartsch and Morris Lamrock can hold equity in the form of Class A shares for their monthly housing payments.
    • AGREED to permanently move our monthly meetings to Sunday morning, so those involved with Saturday market can partake.
    • AGREED that we accept Morris Lamrock as apprenticeship steward
    • AGREED that we accept Susie Anne Bartsch as work party steward
    • AGREED that we accept Susie Anne Bartsch as child care steward
    • REQUEST/discussion for approval of EcoReality reimbursing resident households $10 per day for cost of feeding and lodging WWOOFers, apprentices (or other farm labourers as so designated in agreement by EcoReality)-Shan 12:49, 7 January 2009 (PST)
      • Discussion:
      • Justin- Was there a discussion about how it’s coordinated and whether work is for EcoReality?
      • Jan- for next month and a half it will be run by res at res meetings until Morris gets here and takes on his apprenticeship stewardship. Depends on skills of people available and needs of the co-op. Will have to coordinate with people on site to make sure people are used to their full potential.
      • James- There is a number in the budget for this. Campground may change costs for lodging.
      • Jan asked for concerns or objections without blocking. NONE.
      • AGREED that EcoReality will reimburse resident households $10 per day for cost of feeding and lodging WWOOFers, apprentices or other farm labourers as so designated in agreement by EcoReality members.
    • REQUEST/discussion for scholarship/reimbursement for $25 per person for 1 or two EcoReality residents to attend "Community Partnerships" workshop, as sent to you via email — Jan Steinman 17:30, 23 January 2009 (PST)
      • Discussion:
      • Jan Explained what it was- read email.
      • James mentioned to Carol to add line item to budget for bursaries/education.
      • Justin might come day early to go.
      • Mark- Might be nice to have discussion about mini mission and values. This workshop has big bang for buck. Develop criteria for workshops.
      • Who wants to go? James, Shannon, Justin, Jan
      • AGREED for Jan and James to attend "Community Partnerships" workshop and have cost of $25 per person covered by EcoReality. Any other members who attend will pay their own way.
    • REQUEST/discussion on Jan Worthington (cook) bursary for two days meals and lodging at EcoReality Yellow House, at WWOOFer rate of $10/day — Jan Steinman 17:33, 23 January 2009 (PST)
      • Discussion:
      • New item. Wants to cook for PDC. Also wants to cook for retreat.
      • Osha- Would she work in exchange for tuition? No- get paid $10 per hour.
      • James- great to have her over for design phase of outdoor kitchen.
      • Kind of like a job interview for PDC in June.
      • AGREED that Jan Worthington (cook) will receive a bursary for two days of meals and lodging at EcoReality Yellow House, at WWOOFer rate of $10/day.
    • Discussion about community gardens at EcoReality —Jan Steinman 22:35, 22 January 2009 (PST)
      • Discussion:
      • Shannon – Where? TBD.
      • James- why not do CSA with worktrade? Jan- For PR and getting people involved.
      • Penny – See it as good opportunity. Not yet setup to do CSA.
      • Jan – revisit at member’s meeting.
    • Members' business arising from residents' meeting:
  1. Discussion on farm profit center budget ideas.
  2. Review farm management planning categories.
  3. Review 2009 garden plan.
  • Check out:
    • Mark- Feeling present, thank you, sorry to not be here next week.
    • Penny- Still present, really appreciate the work put into agenda and everything posted with stewardships. Still wants to post a stewardship
    • Carol- 6. Appreciate good meeting. Look forward to next meeting.
    • Justin- 9. Look forward to next weekend.
    • Osha- 8.5. Good to hear voices. Glad to be back in swing of things.
    • James- 10. Typing furiously.
    • Shannon – 9.5 Delivering 5th snack of evening.
    • Jan- 10- Thank you for doing homework, reading agenda and links.
  • Next teleconference Feb 6.


Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch Tuesday 27 January, 2009

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