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Sunday 18 January 2009: Residents' Meeting

  • Check in
    • Shannon – 9 – Very keen to get going on garden stuff.
    • Susie Anne – 8.5 – Better than yesterday
    • James – 9.5 – Good.
    • Jan – 9 – Sorry about set back on fence.
  • Agenda/Minutes:
    • [x] Jan will change agendas to have a link to past minutes so they can be more easily reviewed. (Jan Steinman)
    • Farm management planning categories is a new page created by Shannon. This item will be tabled until next week for discussion. Please read for next meeting.
    • 2009 Garden Plan is a new page for discussion created by Shannon.
    • [x] SA will review the field naming and get her choices in by tomorrow. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • Co op Animal Discussion:
      • White house is spending about $100 a month on eggs. This could be money going toward co op chickens. Shannon, James and SA all expressed willing to help with co op chickens if we choose to go this route.
      • Goats-similar discussion. Expressions of willingness. More discussion to come.
      • What are the long term goals for co op ownership various items and livestock?
    • AGREED We agree to approve Chris and Kate as long term guests while they are visiting in February/March for about 3 weeks. James will provide link to Agreements page.
    • Jeremy Fisher is coming to visit jan 25- 28. He will stay in the White House.
    • Cambria, a friend of Jessie’s will be coming to stay March 7-12 in the White House.
    • [x] SA will have a write up for the work party to put in the newsletter this week. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • SA is starting to gather ideas for the upcoming work party at the end of January:
      • hole filling
      • building compost containers
      • fence t-post clips
    • AGREED Jan and Yun-Kang will join the White House for dinners while Carol is away until Friday. Jan will pay $4 per meals and Yun-Kang will be fed by the White House to share in the food burden.
    • An agreement will be sought at the Jan members meeting to make apprentice feeding a co op item.
  • Check out
    • Jan 9 – (SA missed his comment)
    • James- 9.5 – Looking forward to meeting in front of a wood stove in his livingroom.
    • Shannon – 9.5 – Appreciating James for wood stewarding.
    • Susie Anne – 9 – Good.

Meeting ends 20:05pm

Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch Sunday 18 January, 2009

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