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Sunday 04 January 2009: Welcoming Meeting for Susie Anne, Morris and Jessie

  • Check in
    • Jan – 7.5 - Morning fuzz and rising
    • James - 9 – Looking forward to talking about SA/Mo/JHR moving in.
    • Shannon – 8 - Withdrawn, delicate.
    • Morris – 7.5 - Spirits high, body low. Saw eagles which means magic to him.
    • Susie Anne – 9 – Good. Excited about the meeting.
    • Carol- 5 - physically, 8 E/S/Mentally - Enlivened by eagle siting. Totem animal. Sad about end of retreat.

  • Agenda/Minutes:
    • Brainstorm of agenda as we don't have one yet.
    • James, Shannon and SA have started a scheduling meeting for white house. Need to settle upcoming bills and retreat costs.
    • Morris is comfortable with SA representing his family here.
    • AGREED: We will schedule a meeting for acceptance (presumably) of Susie Anne, Morris and Jessie as members for the March retreat and through teleconferences we will work out the financial arrangements for SAMO (Susie Anne and Morris) for this interim period.
    • Discussion: SAMO could have their financial contributions considered for Class A shares in the interim before membership acceptance.
    • Discussion: How to split the costs of the White House in consideration of J/S having the office and of the sharing of the Gramma room upstairs. SA would prefer at this time to pay for two upstairs rooms as they are full of SAMO stuff. We are looking at a %55/%45 split for J/S and SAMO. The Gramma room will be used for guests so we will need to consider whether it should be a 50/50 split on that room in days to come.
    • AGREED: Shannon requests that ALL residents including Rudy be notified asap of guests arriving. All agree.
    • [x] Jan and James agree to prepare three payment options for living in the White House for Susie Anne and Morris to look at with members. They are: a) The rental option b) the Investment Option c) the Investment option with $50,000 down. (Jan Steinman)
    • SA and Mo are informed that payments for rental/mortgage happen at the end of each month instead of the beginning of the month.
    • It is suggested that James should read the meter to get a sense of where we are starting out at.
    • Morris will be away January 5th to mid/late March and will be here for the Spring Retreat.
    • Morris and SA and JHR will likely go to see family in TO in April for about 2 weeks.
    • Morris and SA and JHR will likely be in Whitehorse for most of July dealing with the sale of their house.
    • [x] Mo agrees to be the Apprenticeship steward and will complete a job description a week before the next teleconference. (Morris Lamrock)
    • [x] SA agrees to be the Work party steward and will complete a job description a week before the next teleconference. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • [x] SA agrees to be the Child care steward and will complete a job description a week before the next teleconference. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • SA and Mo will not be members until the end of March and so will not need pay fees/dues until then.
    • Car Sharing Discussion
      • There are insurance issues to look in to.
      • We are committed to getting the red Jetta fixed.
      • We currently have 3 usable vehicles.
      • Rudy’s vehicle might not be safe for daily driving.
      • Sunshine the VW may be easier to fix than the red Jetta.
      • Informally Carol and Jan are good with sharing their vehicles.
      • [x] Carol will create log sheets for vehicles to log mileage. These will be in the vehicles. (Carol Wagner)
      • Carol will steward the blue Jetta.
      • Jan will steward Bubba the truck.
      • James will steward Erica the Passat.
      • [x] Shannon will email Jan her manual on carsharing. (Shannon Cowan)
  • Check out
    • Jan – 10 – Appreciative of meeting. Sad about Mo leaving.
    • Morris – 9 – Productive. Appreciating Shannon’s vulnerability. Has faith in working things out.
    • Carol - 7 – Sad about Mo. Aware of Shannon.
    • Shannon 8 – Still vulnerable, thin and leaky. Feels love. Productive meeting.
    • James - 10 - Things will never be the same now that SA, Mo and JHR are here.
    • Susie Anne – 9.5 – Find you all easy to work with.

Meeting closes at 11:55

Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch Sunday 18 January, 2009 14:30

Sunday 04 January 2009: Residents' Meeting

  • Check in
    • Jan – 8.75 Thinking about website stuff for the week
    • Carol- 6- I’m here. (Very ill.)
    • Susie Anne – 8.5 – Thrown off by typing and milk products.
    • James - 10 – Having heart palpitations from sugar.
    • Morris – 7.75 – Foggy from icecream.
    • Shannon – 5 physically 9 mentally/spiritually - Not thinking about tomorrow.

  • Agenda/Minutes:
    • Discuss guest contribution and notification guidelines at every residents meeting. No guests expected at this time.
    • Shannon has a strong lead on a German student in her 20’s is interested in interning. Shannon will contact her and see if she can come and visit. Shannon will get her email if we choose to pursue having her here.
    • [x] Jan will contact recent WWOOF inquiries. (Jan Steinman)
    • Garden planning. We agree to have a community garden that will continue in the area of the current garden. There will be a steward that will oversee with the intention that everyone will be able to work in garden and be able to try different planting methods. This will require lots of coordination and documentation.
      • Chicken wiring off the pond area will be put in to protect children.
      • Children’s garden will be incorporated into plan.
      • Carol will be the garden steward and Shannon will be actively involved in the planning along with her.
      • Further brainstorm on what people want to see grow will happen in the next weeks.
      • A design for the garden is to be created.
      • Finding out what seeds we already have and what we need to get.
      • The garden plan will be included in the residents’ meeting agenda for the next 8 weeks.
    • James will post his ambulance work schedule on ICal.

  • Check out 20:39pm
    • Jan – 10 Excited! Damn snow. Glad to be working together so well.
    • Carol - 6 – Really not feeling well.
    • Susie Anne – 10 – I am having fun.
    • James - 10 - Still up. Looks forward to working out in the field with Jan.
    • Morris – 9 – More up. Challenged about sharing garden ideas and up for the challenge.
    • Shannon – 9.3 – Excited about garden plan. Would like to see us not be overwhelmed by the garden in this first year.

Submitted by Susie Anne Bartsch

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