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Saturday 3 January 2009: Winter retreat Wrap up

Facilitator - none... This was a round table discussion recapping the retreat and coming up with ideas for future retreats.

  • Mark- First couple days of retreat have elongated format. Identified values as important. Leave one block at end of retreat open for topic that came up during retreat (to be decided on by group during retreat).
  • Penny- Time was not put in for breaks and check ins. Schedule in check ins and breaks.
  • Carol- Time. Things didn’t start on time, things ran over time. Do we want to come to agreement or address the issue?
    • Shannon – Needs of individuals (cooking, hygene, children),
    • Jan- Different sorts of meetings, this was a way for things to meet each other. Other sessions (PDC) things start on time and it didn’t bother as much as during this workshop.
    • Mark- Predefine timeliness.
    • James- Do session in the beginning of retreat where timing and expectations are discussed and agreed upon. Create etiquette among participants and ways to support each other.
  • Planning:
    • Jan- Was obstruction in ways. More residential meetings. Residents being granted more of a leadership role. Wish we did more planning on a resident level.
    • Shannon – have mastermind (steward) then feedback from whole group, then feedback from small group.
    • Mark- Committee for retreat planning. Could include offsite members
  • Timing:
    • SA- Liked distribution. Flex times in afternoon good. Evening fun really good.
    • Shannon- Dinner earlier good, evening start times good.
    • Jan- Get feedback on topics- How deep they should go. Set intentions up front.
    • James- Make topics more flushed out for all to read (create links for each retreat item and have facilitator and/or presenter create a page).
    • Carol- Talk daily schedule in daily check in, in the morning. Preview next day at dinner each night.
    • Shannon- Maybe not breakfast check in.
    • James- possible option of doing a full day or two in the middle of retreat to get deeper into a topic.
  • Meals:
    • SA- Lunches- Make low effort for prep person.
    • Shannon- prep schedule needs to be paid attention to by preppers.
    • GOOD FOOD!
    • Carol- Whoever does meal planning do far enough in advance so there are changes possible.
  • Locations:
    • Morris- Thank you for specific needs for jesse. Put 2 full days of work party. Work in a group
    • SA- someone to warm up classroom (it was Mark but he missed one morning.)
    • Shannon (show & tell in house) talent show in classroom. Classroom condusive to group work in that space. We can make that space what it is. It’s a clean slate).
    • SA- valued show & tell.
    • Mark- Work party slots with different activities.
    • SA- do fun activities after work party day.
  • James noted that for spring retreat he will be working in Vancouver the first weekend.
  • Jan as facilitator for this quarter would like to plan retreat. James and Jan will start working together and build a team of people who want to help in different areas.

Submitted by James Cowan 17:22, 7 January 2009 (PST)

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