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Tuesday 30 December 2008: Winter retreat session: Where to draw the line and hidden expectations, review values, vision and mission statement.

  • Shannon- Possible change- Not do hidden expectations. Do non negotiables instead.

Group agreed to do draw the line first

  • Icebreaker on feet about sustainability
  • Shannon recap of values exercise from day before. (See Values page and the discussion for her summary)

Facilitator - Mark - This exercise was called hidden expectations and was taken from Creating a Life Together. Mark selected one of the most prioritized values from Monday's values activity. Then, we brainstormed ideas on a flipchart pertaining to that value (sustainability) to break it down into particular facets that we would be willing to implement (or not). After the brainstorm (on a single sheet), each person "voted" by indicated their top 7 ideas/facets of the issue that were of highest priority to them (they would be most likely to implement).

  • Sustainability in all its relationships. (focused on land) (This was the general theme of the exercise)
    • Water conservation:
    • Composting toilet
    • Grey water system
    • Rain catchment
    • Surface water usage
  • Growing food
    • Composting
    • Building materials- consciously deciding on materials- local, recycled) size, style, design.
    • Wildcrafting
    • Reduced vehicle usage (reduced energy usage)
    • Animal care/stacking functions
    • Refuse, reduce, reuse recycle
    • Monitor environmental deterioration (impact)
    • Energy generation onsite (alternative energy practices)
    • Conscious diet
    • Education- nature walks, outreach
    • Observe and interact (with nature)
    • Working with neighbours
    • Improved air quality
  • Time to vote (people took crayons)
  • People got 7 dots to put on the chart.
  • Group summary- Mark asked if there was anything that people objected to on the chart. No one objected. Some statements about potential conflicts if these were made “rules” rather than options.
  • Mark asked if there were any items that stood out as items to be imposed on the group as rules (or agreements or policies).
  • Good activity for areas of the farm. Either before a steward is in place or a steward can do for more input to a stewardship.

Facilitator - Jan Review values, vision, and mission statement

  • There was a brainstorm weighing the positives and negatives to modifying the existing values versus starting from scratch and generating new values.
    • Modify existing
      • Pos- seemed to resonate
      • Pos reuses previous effort
      • Pos – Many people have already defined themselves and EcoR with those values.
      • Neg- some people may feel left out
    • Start from scratch
      • Pos- Clean slate
      • Neg- extra work involved in starting from scratch
      • Neg- founders may feel that work is being undone or lost
  • Summary
    • Agreed- modify existing values
  • Purpose statement- hard to modify with Victoria. Everyone read it and acknowledged that it is broad and that is good in an incorporation document (seems how it’s hard to change with the co-op association). Note to remove "periodical revision".
    • Everyone said they like it. No need to change it.
  • Vision statement-
    • Shared vivid mental image.
    • Discussion about vision. Comments:
      • Change nonviolent to compassionate.
      • It does currently helps members who are off site feel a part of the vision.
      • Add community to end? Word is too vague.
      • Change caring to nurturing.
      • Agreed to accept new vision.
  • Mission:
    • Negative start/intro- Move “negative” preamble to the end?
    • Meant to be read many times, not once.
    • Make first area more concise
    • Fear & desperation in first statement
    • Change south gulf islands to salt spring
    • Change decision to agreement.
    • Change non violence to compassion
    • Move periodical changes to earlier in the document.
    • Make a bullet list instead of paragraph.
    • Jan proposes to take this away and wordsmith it based on this feedback.
    • Mark requests a group to review (or committee).
    • Jan will steward the page.
    • Anyone can make comments on the discussion page. Jan will make changes to the page and set a new date for agreement and it will then be locked.
  • Friday at 1:30pm Review values.
    • Shannon will post by email the info from values exercise on Monday Dec 29.
    • Participants will have the opportunity to revise, review until Thursday Jan 1 at 14:30.
    • Jan volunteered to steward the final write up between Thursday afternoon and Friday 13:30.

Finished at 12:10pm

Submitted by James Cowan 16:46, 7 January 2009 (PST)

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