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Friday 19 December 2008: Members' Teleconference

  • Check in
    • Jan: 9, lots going on, fence posts, etc.
    • James: 9, completely exhausted, working two days outside on fence, just beat, Sienna has a cold and low energy.
    • Noj: I don't do numbers, broken water main on street, late night trip to vet, not happy with cold weather.
    • Penny: 8, enjoying 6" of fresh dry snow, getting used to using chains.
    • Mark: 3-4, strong headache, lots of work, trying to get work done to prepare for time off over holidays, learning how to use chains.
    • Shannon: 9.5, had long chat with Osha (who called in an hour early, misunderstanding time difference), Susie Anne, Morris, and Jesse will be here when we come back, lots to do to get ready.
    • Osha (via Shannon) still saddened over her grandmother's passing, experiencing co-housing, will miss being at the retreat, love and hugs.
  • Agenda.
    1. 2009 winter retreat planning
      • James: requests payment be made to Jan & Carol for the classroom space at the established rate of $10/hour for approximately 25 hours of use during the retreat, to make sure expenses are covered.
        • Jan: that number was derived based on the lowest market rates for such a space. We only want to ensure we cover expenses (hydro, taxes, and insurance), and would be happy with $5/hour.
        • Penny: what are the expenses?
        • Jan: lack of information -- we have not had a hydro bill nor taxes.
        • Mark: would like to leave this amount open to upward revision, should expenses prove to exceed estimate. Also, is this one-time, or a precedent.
        • James: this request is only for the retreat.
        • AGREED: EcoReality will compensate Jan & Carol $5/hour for EcoReality's use of the classroom during the winter retreat.
      • James: wants to invite prospective members Shel Neufeld & Christy Neufeld to participate. They have child care issues, and both of them cannot attend simultaneously. They would like one or the other to attend most of the retreat, briefing the other on happenings.
        • Discussion, general agreement that this fulfils the spirit of our previous agreement that participants attend all or most of the retreat and that attendance of one or two days be discouraged. James will proceed.
  • Check out:
    • Jan: 8.5, a bit distracted by visitor (Harry Burton) who dropped off a box of fencing staples he is donating to EcoReality, but happy to talk with everyone.
    • Noj: ?, loves talking to the group.
    • Penny: 9, looking forward to the retreat.
    • Mark: 7, headache getting better during call, good to commune with group.
    • James, 9, really looking forward to retreat.
    • Shannon: 10, grateful for ease of call, coming together on things for all of us.

Adjourned 19:43

Respectfully submitted: Jan Steinman 20:39, 19 December 2008 (PST)

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