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Tuesday 25 November 2008: Residents' Meeting

  • Check in
    • James - 9.5 - short & sweet.
    • Jan- 9.5 - distracted, going to do field trip.
    • Carol- 8- going to client, feeling frazzled.
    • Shannon - 8.5 - fighting something, yesterday was a challenge, great weekend, glad to be here.
    • Scott - 9 - had a good nights sleep.
    • Rudy - 9 - alive and well, watching new moon, looking forward to the day & meeting.
  • Agenda:
    • Meetings minutes from October 28, November 4 & November 11 Approved
    • Firewood - use and how provided
      • 3 cords provided by Jan & Carol from Sharp Road
      • we will need more dry wood for this winter
      • Elizabeth Buchanan has offered to sell us some wood
      • Rudy will check with man down the road about wood
      • James will steward sourcing wood
      • need to look into how we are paying for wood used.
    • Ash disposal
      • Keep ash in covered metal bucket until need on fields is assessed
      • Carol will price a PH meter to help determine the need for ash in the fields
    • Members weekend. Noj coming late on Friday, staying in white house; Brenda coming on Saturday, staying in white house; Penny & Mark coming on Thursday, but have arranged a house swap.
    • Moisture problem in classroom.
      • run heaters to dissipate moisture after sweaty exercises
      • remove carpet underlay
    • Workparties.
      • Jan feels that they are not working
      • low attendance
      • needs better coordination
      • discussion about changing work parties only on Friday before members weekend
      • Tuesday resident's meeting to plan for work parties during the week
      • This Thursday - work party at Christopher Roy's to get gates and help pull fence posts.
      • Friday - put insulation in white house
  • Check out 9:43
    • Jan - 9.5 - thinking about field trip, glad to be working things out
    • James - 9 - distracted by Sienna, grateful for the conversation.
    • Carol - 6 - still tired.
    • Shannan - 9 - glad we discussed things, some unfinished business, time to listen and share
    • Scott - 9
    • Rudy - 9.5 - clarity in argeement

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