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Tuesday 21 October 2008: Residents' Meeting

  • Check in
    • Shannon- 9.9 - Great today, still feeling effects of dance class last night.
    • James - 5 - re-entering the atmosphere, worked long hours at the event, glad to be home, foggy.
    • Jan- 6-7 - Tuesday is meeting day, one more tonight, wish the cold would go away, exhausted.
    • Carol- 7.5- stiff neck, vivid dream that was exhausting.
  • Short agenda
    • October 14 minutes approved.
    • Insurance - need to get clear with the membership regarding our insurance policy. Shannon will call Ashley at Island Savings Ins and pressure her to get full policy. EcoReality will pay the liability portion and the remainder will be split according to vested interest. Carol will research the cost splits on insurance and taxes (forecast).
    • James & Shannon will be talking to Morris and Susie Anne about their finances and if they are renting or buying in.
    • Interview with Noj to be set back based on receipt of application and since all members are not present. James will touch base with Noj regarding mentor. James offered that a member mentor checklist could be made. Jan has offered to do a list on the membership page.
    • List of people coming for the weekend: White house - Brenda, Mel, Justin & Osha; Yellow house - Scott, Emillee & Brad
    • Carol will be the point person for the WWOOFers.
    • Friday work party: Jan on firewood, Shannon on garlic, Carol on picking apples & pears AM and leaves & hay PM, lighting in the workshop, fruit processing.
  • Check out 10:13
    • Shannon - 9.9 - happy for the work being done.
    • Jan - 8.5 - Looking forward to getting work done.
    • James - 9.1 - glad to be discussing this work.
    • Carol - 9 - looking forward to work party, weekend.

Respectfully submitted: Carol Wagner 12:17, 25 October 2008 (PDT)

-reviewed by Penny 18:45, 7 Nov 2008 -reviewed by Mark S 18:45, 7 Nov 2008

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