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Friday 17 October 2008: Members' Teleconference

  • Check in
    • Shannon- 9.75 - feeling fantastic, looking forward to offering Dula services.
    • Morris- 5 - waiting for dinner, Indian Summer is over, snow today, eating delicious almonds & pears.
    • Selina - 8 - had a busy day and intensive Chinese message.
    • Jan- 4 - work party work went slower than if he'd done it himself, working at the Community Ed Book sale all weekend.
    • Carol- 8- had a good dinner, cold is better
    • Osha - 7 - Lily has been sick, but is getting better.
  • Agenda approved.
    • Jan - Bus advertising - the Transportation Commission wants to offer advertising inside the buses to non-profits & Co-ops. Jan thinks that EcoReality advertising on the bus would be good p/r. The cost may be $3/per card per month, but this is not firmed up yet. Jan will let everyone know when the commission finalizes the cost.
    • Jan - request that non-members be allowed to attend the winter retreat. A request from Ralph Garrison & family to attend. Selina would like to bring her daughters too. General agreement that as long as they are interested in what we are doing, that it is OK. Jan will inform Ralph of the conditional OK in that if there is any ongoing process that they are present for the whole process. James & Susie Anne are spearheading the event.
    • AGREED: 200810 members weekend agenda - approved.
    • AGREED: Renewal of WWOOF Canada for 2009 @ $45.00 - approved.
    • Friendly reminder that time sheets are due on the 15th of the month following the completed month.
    • Members expecting to attend the October weekend: Alex & Audrey (from New York), Belen (WWOOFer), Scott (WWOOFer), Haruka (exchange student), Osha, Justin, Brenda, Noj (Friday & Sunday), James, Shannon, Selina, Jan & Carol.
  • Check out 19:48
    • Morris - 8 - Eating dinner.
    • Osha - 7 - Good to hear everyone's voices.
    • Jan - 7-8 - Thankful we were able to talk about the items and get some resolution.
    • Carol - 8 - looking forward to the weekend.
    • Shannon - 9.78 - Feeling great, enraptured about getting things done on the teleconference.
    • Selina - 9.5 - Great, pumped.

Respectfully submitted: Carol Wagner 22:54, 17 October 2008 (PDT)

-reviewed by Penny 18:45, 7 Nov 2008 -reviewed by Mark S 18:45, 7 Nov 2008

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