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Tuesday 30 September 2008: Resident's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order at 9:04am
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Rudy Siegers, Guy Prouty, Regrets from Carol Wagner (who is in Oregon with her family).
  • Facilitator: Shannon
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Jan 8- stuffy
    • Shanon 9- sad with people leaving, excited about weather
    • Rudy- 9- sad people leaving and glad too. Feeling like might be getting sick, but talked himself out of it. Read for the day
    • Guy- 9- doing good.
    • James 9- Just got up, cloudy yet peaceful.
  • Topics:
    • Agenda additions
      • James- Cars
      • Guy- PROUT, Video production
      • Shannon- Garlic
    • Cars- James and Shannon are choosing to need another car. Rudy has 3 vehicles, offered up a vehicle.
      • Jan- co-op car sharing model. Do some work on the economic model. Make budget for each vehicle, logsheet, bill totaling, community fueling.
      • James – Red Jetta? Need exploratory surgery? On Rudy’s list. Clean fuel system. Sound vehicle with minor problems. Towing to Axel might be expensive, doing ourselves might be cheaper and take labour.
      • Jan- co-op model needs to have way that primary caregiver and driver gets compensated for the vehicle investment and upkeep.
      • Rudy- Have people do maintenance and mechanics.
      • Jan- Difference between maintenance (determining oil needs to be changed) and doing mechanics (actually changing the oil).
      • Rudy- Good to teach people the actual care of the vehicles.
      • Jan- Costs associated with this in transfer tax.
        • James- Gift letters are possible.
      • [x] (abandoned task) James- action- start structure and glean ideas for the car co-op structure. (James Cowan)
    • Work party-
      • Last week- some mis-communication.
      • Start work party day with opening circle. Have closure meeting at the end. Another check in after lunch.
      • This week James working, Jan airport at 2pm.
      • Guy- Fridays are busy.
      • James add to meeting pages 9:30am-4:30pm. Lunch included. Please feel free to drop in, if you want lunch let us know in advance. (DONE)
      • This week- Electric meters installed. (possibly early this week), Firewood, Fruit picking (all weighed and logged), Berm soil to mulch area, compost building,
      • Jan- work party for neighbours. Do trade offs with neighbours.
        • Shannon will lead work parties with neighbours.
      • Add to next week- fruit gathering and accounting for hours, where does it go.
    • Garlic- Shannon waiting to hear from Laura next door. Get plough at same time. Use East field, it has no irrigation to worry about and time is running out before weather comes.
    • Guy- PROUT-
      • Leaving Oct 7-8
      • Sat 7:30pm- instead of movie. Look at PROUTInstitute.org for pre-reading.
      • James, put on schedule on wiki (include weblink). (DONE)
    • Video production- Does professional videography. Wants to interview all of us for a few minutes. What’s great about EcoReality, why would you invest? Do 10-15 minute promo video for website.
      • Shooting land today and tomorrow and will develop schedule.
    • ING meeting 6pm at Harbour House in Ganges. Jan going, Shannon and James possibly going.
  • Check out
    • Shannon- 10. Excited to have cleared up things for the week.
    • Dittos (twinkles from everyone else).
    • James- 10 last minute taking meeting. Excited to do other things on meeting.

Submitted by: James Cowan 22:30, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

Reviewed by Mark S 17:58, 3 Oct 2008 (PDT) Reviewed by Penny 17:59, 3 Oct 2008 (PDT)

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